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Cody: Daddy! Help me!

Kristoff: (gasps) Cody! CODY!

(The humans walk on land)

Narrator: There are 3.7 trillion humans in the world.

Kristoff: I have to find my son!

Narrator: They're looking for one.

Melody: His son Bingo--

Kristoff: Cody.

Melody: Cody was taken to, uh...

Kristoff: Sydney.

Melody: Sydney.

Nicelanders: Oh, sure. (exclaims surprisingly) It's in that direction.

(Aladdin flies with Kristoff and Melody from the Cy-Bugs)

Tagline: AnimatedFan195 Productions presents

Narrator: AnimatedFan195 Productions presents,

Ben and Saoirse: Sweet!

Hiro: Totally!

Kristoff: I gotta find my son Cody!

Melody: Go easy on him! He's lost his son Fabio.

(Robert Callaghan snaps at Kristoff and Melody, then laughs evilly)

Robert, Hans and Li'l Gideon: Humans are friends, not food.

(Kristoff and Melody scream and run away from Snake Jafar)

Hiro: Hang on tight, dude! Your exit's coming up, man!

Kristoff: You mean the swirling vortex of terror?

Hiro: That's it, dude! Go, go, go!

(Ben and Saoirse push Kristoff and Melody into the vortex)

Hiro: Righteous! Righteous!

Title: Finding Cody

Narrator: Finding Cody.

Hiro: 'Cause we were like "Whoa!", and then we were like "Whooooaaaahhhh!", and then you were like "Whooaaahhh".

Kristoff: What are you talking about?!

Hiro: You've got serious thrill issues, dude.

Tagline: Coming soon to your computer.

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