(Kristoff and Melody were running away from Aladdin)

Aladdin: Stop! I got something to tell ya!

(Aladdin looks up shocked)

One of the Cy-Bugs: Mine.

Aladdin: Don't make any sudden moves.

Disney/Non-Disney Princes: Yeah, right. Yeah, right.

(AnimatedFan195 Productions logo)

(Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert rides to the drop-off with Cody, Jamie, Riley and Pinocchio)

Tagline: From the creator of Hiro Hood and Star, Marco and Pony Head in Wonderland.

Kristoff: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on! Hold on! Way too cross!

(The people stopped crossing the road)

Narrator: 71% of the Earth's surface is covered by land.

XR: How's it going, B.E.N.?

Narrator: That's a big place to find one human.

Kristoff: Has anybody seen my son?!

Melody: Your son Chico?

Robert: No, it's Cody! We're looking for Cody!

(Bill Andersen gasps)

(Abis Mal does a karate chop to the Cy-Bugs while escaping from them)

Hiro: Name's Hiro.

Kristoff: I gotta find my son Cody!

Hiro: Hang on tight, dude!

Kristoff: But-- Whooooaaaahhhh!

(Hiro races with Kristoff)

Narrator: To find Cody

Melody: Let's ask for directions.

Kristoff: No!

Melody: What is it with men asking for directions?

Narrator: will take a miracle,

(Kristoff and Melody scream and run away from Snake Jafar)

Abis Mal: Yeah, I saw him, but I'm not telling you where he went.

(Melody takes Abis Mal by her hand and the Cy-Bugs see him)

Abis Mal: Aaaahhh! All right! I'll talk! I'll talk!

Narrator: getting him back is a whole other story.

Robert: Hello.

(Robert Callaghan snaps at Kristoff and Melody, then laughs evilly)

(The people from Corona walk to a lighthouse while the townspeople from "Beauty and the Beast" walk into the nightsky)

Narrator: AnimatedFan195 Productions presents, a film thanks to Disney/Pixar.

Jack Frost: We're gonna help him escape.

Kristoff: Cody, don't give up!

Aladdin: Your dad's been fighting an entire world looking for you.

Kristoff: I'm coming, Cody!

Robert: I never knew my father. (cries loudly)

Hans: Come on, group hug.

(The people of San Fransokyo race in time)

Kristoff: Oh, my stomach.

Hiro: No hurling on the gear, dude. OK? Just waxed it.

(Lumiere and Cogsworth appear swimming on land)

Narrator: You've gotta see it

(Aladdin flies with Kristoff and Melody from the Cy-Bugs)

Kristoff: FLY!!!

Narrator: to believe it.

(Kristoff and Melody scream)

(Wreck-It Ralph burps)

(One small bubble pops up, making John Smith and Thomas become disgusted)

John Smith: Nice.

Title: Finding Cody

Narrator: Finding Cody.

(Kristoff, Melody and Aladdin flee from the Cy-Bugs still)

Aladdin: Everybody hold on!

(Aladdin runs into a window)

Tagline: Coming soon to your computer.

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