Finding Donny is a 2013 Movie.


Finding Donny revolves around Donny traveling when he gets captured by a dog and Donny is taken to an aquairiam zoo in the New Jersey coastline Murph, Joe, Ernie, and Brett must save him.


Undertaker as Murph.

Big Show as Donny.

By: Roc.


While writing the movie new charectars were shown named Ben and Lisa  revealed to be Donny's parents. In a deleted scene they were shown but Murph became dissapointed and left Donny with his parents. They'll apper in the second movie changed to Donny's friends.

By: Roc.


A sequel called Finding Donny 2 was in production, and sheduled for a release on December 17 2016. Voicework was performed by Kermit the Blue Frog and Naveen but his voice got too hoarse due to the screaming in the movie. Naveen was requested to try the voice again and Naveen became more hoarse, the movie got cancelled instead. Finding Murph will be released December 17, of 2016.

By: Roc.

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