Finding Murph is an upcoming movie that stars Santino as Murph and Danny as Donny.


The movie revolves around Murph traveling to his family.   Losing him makes  Donny dissapointed so Murph gets captured and taken to the New York City Zoo in New York now Donny, Joe, Ernie and Brett must save Murph and Murph should prove to his parents that Donny is his son.


in 2021 Murph is enjoying a lifetime with his grownup son Donny. That night Murph gets captured.

Donny awakens and he discovers that his dad has been captured. While Donny travels to New York he brings Joe, Ernie and Brett along with him. During this time Murph is finally in New York City zoo. Donny and his friends are too tired to rescue Murph. At the zoo Murph meets nice zoo animals Alex the Lion, a chimpanzee and a bear. Donny, Joe, and Brett finally arrive at the New York City zoo.  Donny free Alex, The chimpanzee and the bear from the cages. Jake tries killing Donny but Donny puts paint on bubbles in his body. The paint begins boiling causing Jake to fly up into the sky he is sent on one cloud.  Murph is bought home. But before the return Donny, Joe, Ernie and Brett meet Murph's parents. Murph proves to them that Donny is his son.  Jake falls from the sky.  He is about to be arrusted by policeman because of capturing Murph and he runs screaming. 

By: Roc.


Undertaker as Murph.

Big Show as Donny.

Fuzz and Farkle as Joe and Brett. 


During production the movie was originally tittled Finding Donny 2, voicework was performed with Kermit the Blue Frog playing Murph again and Naveen voicing Donny replacing Danny. Naveen's voice got hoarse and was asked to do the performance again wich made Naveen's voice more hoarse the movie was cancelled instead.                                       Production on Finding Murph will offically began on June 21st, 2014 and will end in July 1st,2014.

By: Roc.

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