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Version 1 (made by ShenziBanzaiandEd)

  • Pearl as Dot
  • Dory as Princess Atta
  • Deb  as The Queen
  • Chicka (from The Emperor's New Groove) as Dr. Flora
  • Squirt as Cornelius
  • Tad as Mr. Soil
  • Sheldon as Thorny
  • Marlin as Flik
  • Nigel as Heimlich
  • Crush as Slim
  • Nemo as Dim
  • Gill as Francis
  • Jacques as Tuck and Roll
  • Coral as Rosie
  • Bloat as Manny
  • Peach as Gypsy
  • Mr Ray as PT
  • Bruce as Hopper
  • Anchor as Molt
  • Buzz and Delete (from Cyberchase) as Alex and Loco
  • Chum as Thumper
  • Seagulls as Hopper's Grasshoppers
  • Gurgle as Slick the Slug
  • Jellyfishes as The Flies
  • Dentist, Dr. Phillip, Dr. Phillis and Hacker (from Cyberchase) as The Fly Brothers and Thud
  • The Sam from Cyberchase as The Bullies
  • Anglerfish as Bird
  • Fisherman as Chicks
  • Mister Zero from Cyberchase as Chili the Tarantula
  • Barbara as Bad Flea
  • Zeus (from Cyberchase) as The Termite-Ator
  • Hector (from Cyberchase) as Henry
  • Poodles (from Cyberchase) as Other Bees
  • Fluff (from Cyberchase) as Dung Beetle Brothers
  • Brum (from Brum) as The Drummer
  • Crush's Turtle as The Blueberries
  • Bubbles as Aphie the Aphid

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