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Finding Nemo/Barney is a parody with Barney and Friends sounds and Finding Nemo clips.


  • Gill as Barney
  • Peach as Baby Bop
  • Nigel as BJ
  • Bubbles as Riff
  • Nemo as Michael
  • Squrit as Danny
  • Burce as Carlos
  • Marlin as Derek
  • Dory as Luci
  • Gurgle as Robert
  • Bloat as Shawn
  • Deb as Min
  • Darla as Kathy (I know Darla is bad and Kathy is Good)
  • Pearl as Tina
  • Jacques as Jason (from Backyand Gang)
  • Cursh as Kenneth
  • Tad as Jason (from TV Series)
  • Mr. Ray as Mr. Tenagain
  • and more

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