• Fish Kid: Oh, my gosh! Nemo, swimming out to the sea!
  • Marlin: Oh, Nemo! What are you think you're doing?! You're gonna get stuck out there then I'll get you before another fish does. Get back here! I said get back here now! Stop, you take one more move mister! Don't-don't you dare, if you put one fin on that boat, are you listening to me?! Don't touch the bo...Nemo!

  • Tad: (whispers) He touched the butt!

  • Marlin: (as Nemo swims off) You just paddle your little tail right back here, Nemo! That's right, you are in big trouble, young man! Do you hear me--? (they heard a sound of hisses, gasps)

  • Kids: Aaaaaah!

  • Nemo: (see the green diver) Mm, ooh! Aaaaaaah! Daddy, help me!

  • Marlin: I'm coming, Nemo!

  • Kids: Aaaaaahhh!

  • Mr Ray: Get under me, kids!

  • Nemo: Uh, ah, no, dad! Daddy!

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