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GMDfan's are movie-spooofs in 2003 from Finding Nemo is a Finding Olivia Flaversham.


  • Marlin - Basil (The Great Mouse Detective)
  • Nemo - Olivia Flaversham [The Great Mouse Detective]
  • Dory - Miss Kitty [The Great Mouse Detective]
  • Coral - Tanya [An American Tail]
  • Bruce - Professor Ratigan [The Great Mouse Detective]
  • Anchor - Fidget [The Great Mouse Detective]
  • Chum - Bartholomew [The Great Mouse Detective]
  • Dentist - Sykes [Oliver & Company]
  • Bubbles - White Rabbit [Alice in Wonderland]
  • Peach - Ms Judson [The Great Mouse Detective]
  • Gurgle - Aladdin [Aladdin]
  • Deb/Flo - Fievel [An American Tail] and Edmond [Rock-a-Doodle]
  • Jacques - Abu [Aladdin]
  • Bloat - Dr. Dawson [The Great Mouse Detective]
  • Nigel - Wilbur [The Rescuers Down Under]
  • Gill - Hiram Flaversham [The Great Mouse Detective]
  • Darla - Queen Mousetoria [The Great Mouse Detective]
  • Crush - Genie (Aladdin)
  • Squirt - Flounder [The Little Mermaid]


Queen Mousetoria/Darla: Mouse! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! [crashed by the Olivia in the water] Get it out!
Sykes/Dentist: Crikey! All the mices have gone mad! Oww!
Queen Mousetoria/Darla: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! Get it out! Aaaaaaaaaaaah!
Aladdin/Gurgle: Smack her in the head!
Dr. Dawson/Bloat: Go, Flaversham, go!
Queen Mousetoria/Darla: Mouse in my hair!
Olivia Flaversham/Nemo: Uh, daddy.
Hiram Flaversham/Gill: Toymaker, tell your dad. I said, "hi". [Olivia spun around the whirlpool and he's gone.] Go get 'em.

Dr. Dawson/Bloat: Oh, Queen Mousetoria.
Olivia Flaversham/Nemo: What? What's wrong with her?
Aladdin/Gurgle: She wouldn't stop shakin' the bag.
White Rabbit/Bubbles: [close up the dead mouse] Poor, Yasha.
Fievel/Deb: [cries] He was her present last year!
Dr. Dawson/Bloat: Hitched a ride on the Porcelain Express.
[Sykes flushing the toilet]
Ms. Judson/Peach: She's a mouse killer!
Olivia Flaversham/Nemo: [gets frightened] I can't go with that girl! I have to get back to my dad! Whoa, aaah! [get in the filter when cries out] DADDY, HELP ME!!
Fievel/Deb: He's stuck!
Hiram Flaversham/Gill: Nobody touch him! [Olivia stops panting.] Nobody touch him.
[Olivia was heard grunting.]
Olivia Flaversham/Nemo: Can you help me?
Hiram Flaversham/Gill: No, you get yourself in there, you can get yourself out.
Fievel/Deb: Aw, dad!
Hiram Flaversham/Gill: I just want to see him to do it, OK?! [Olivia grunting was panics are little] Calm down, alternate wriggling and legs on your tail.
Olivia Flaversham/Nemo: I can't! I have a bad leg!
Hiram Flaversham/Gill: Never stopped me... [turns to see a Hiram's apron] Just think about what you need to do. [Olivia grunting to gets out]
Dr. Dawson/Bloat: C'mon.
[Olivia gets out to her filter]
Hiram Flaversham/Gill: Perfect!

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