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My best movie of Finding Nemo


  • Pichu as Nemo
  • Pikachu as Marlin
  • Jigglypuff as Dory
  • Buizel as Gill
  • Onix as Bloat
  • Staryu as Peach
  • Zubat as Bubbles
  • May as Deb
  • Dawn as Flo
  • Marill as Gurgle
  • Meowth as Jacques
  • Schnzitel as Bruce
  • Turtwig as Nigel
  • Luxary as Crush
  • Togepi as Squrit
  • Vaporeon as Mr. Ray
  • Spencer as Phillip
  • Sailor Moon as Darla
  • Miss Sunshine as Pearl
  • Gazpacho and Mung Daal as Anchor and Chum
  • Max as Sheldon
  • Elekid as Tad
  • Buneary as Coarl
  • The Grand Duke Of Owls as The Blue Whale

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