The Finest Hour is a campaign set in Atrica and run by "James". It is set in 'modern day' Atrica and is slated to run on Saturdays between 12pm EST and 4pm EST. On January 5, players will be set. Anyone who is not present or has not explained why they're not present will not be informed of future sessions.

For players taking advantage of the "Character Creation Bonus", here is an example of a character page.

GM: "James"
System: Dungeons & Dragons 3.5
World: Atrica
Medium: Real World
Slots: 8

Players Characters - Atrician Campaign

Player Character Race Class Nationality
"Ellis" Shelka Teeg Gnome Druid Beldrose
"John" Haniel von Belzer Human Wizard Beldrocks
"Dave" Lucius Striker Human Wizard Rebelissio
"Nick" Tsade Thornfallow Halfling Fighter Crux
"Shanta" Petunia Honorleaf Halfling Ranger Ti'ilic

Inactive Characters - Atrician Campaign

Player Character Race Class Nationality
"Kody" Adle Human Druid Namnagar
"Mallory" Anastrianna Elf Wizard New Hellgon
"Simon" Goose Stoutheart Human Fighter West Ariton

Other Players

Open Invite players have open invites but have not yet contacted "James" about playing in the game.

Player Needs to play
"Aaron" Confirmation
"Ahj" Confirmation
"Bill" Confirmation
"Josh" Character
"Mike" Confirmation

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