Bastard Greyhawk character
Finnigan Nodwick
Homeland Free City of Greyhawk
Gender Male
Race Human
Born Fireseek 16, 579 CY
Died N/A
Class Rogue/ Fighter
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Finnigan Nodwick, commonly known as Fin, is a human rogue from Greyhawk City, and a founding member of the Steelfire adventuring company.

Fin is portrayed by Jason Huffines.




Fin was born Fireseek 16, 579 CY in the City of Greyhawk. His parents were a warrior-couple named Osric and Iselda Nodwick, who often adventured with a group called the Fellowship of Iron. Fin's parents’ excursions allowed them to settle down in Greyhawk and provide their son with a good living in his early years. However, in 584 CY, while on one of their occasional forays into danger, the pair failed to return home. Though Fin's parents had made prior arrangements to secure his welfare should they not return, the arrangements fell through, and the young boy wound up in an orphanage. Fin would later learn, some eleven years later, that Osric and Iselda fell afoul of a medusa named Korakaia, and that the barrister entrusted with overseeing his parents’ estate, Phinas Baldrick, had been replaced by a doppelganger and stole Fin's trust fund. Though the doppelganger would eventually be found out and Fin's parents revived from their petrified state, the money was long gone.

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