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Welcome to the Fiona McIntosh Wiki

I hope this page will be another starting place for the fans and readers that are or would be. What there is now is only a few words that I entered in my haste while studying for my exam. Please be free to edit this, and as soon as possible :)

The following text was taken from wikipedia (

Fiona McIntosh

Fiona McIntosh (Born 1960) is a fantasy author who lives in Australia. She was born in Brighton, England and between the ages of three and eight, travelled a lot to Africa due to her father's work. At the age of nineteen, she travelled first to Paris and later to Australia, where she has lived ever since. In 2007, she released a crime novel, Bye Bye Baby, under the pseudonym of Lauren Crow.[1]

Published works

Adult fiction


The Quickening



As Lauren Crow

Short stories

Childrens fiction


Other works

External links

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