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This Color has the power to shoot flame and fire out of his hands. Fiark is the user of this Color.


  • Mera Ha: He shoots out a beam of fire. First used in Chap.1
  • Mera Impact: He makes an impact out of fire. First used in Chap.1
  • Mera Ken: He shoots out an arm of fire. First used in Chap.3
  • Mera Missile: Followed by the Mera Ken, he sends himself flying whit super speed whit fire around him. First used in Chap. 3
  • Katon: Chou Mera Ha: First used in Chap.4 against Rock and Thunder, and kills Thunder. It is a upgrade version of the Mera Ha teknique.
  • Mera Bullet: If someone shoots a bullet against him, he can catch it and reflect it back, but whit hundred times more strength than a bullet. First used in Chap.6
  • Mera Hou: It's like a cannon ball, instead it's powerfull like a mini-sized comet. Fiark can shoot out a ball of fire. He first used this in Chap.6 against Kain
  • Katon: Pyro Giri: He uses this in the battle against Lengthy in Chap. 8. It's like a cut flying against you whit fire surounding it.
  • Mera Taiketsu: Fiark runs through someone whit flames all-over his body. It's like the Mera Missile, but much stronger! First used in Chap.8
  • Mera Shot: He puts his palms in front of his enemy and shoot out an impact. First used in Chap.9
  • Fiark Rendan: Fiark's personal combo. He kick's his enemy in the air and starts punch his enemy so much he can't even stand. He finishes the combo whit a strong punch so the enemy starts landing. First seen in Chap.9 against Axe-Raxe!
  • Mera Tate: He uses his arm as a shield. First used in Chap.12
  • Mera Gatling:' This is a fast hitting teknique he uses all the time like in combos. He punches like a gatling gun!
  • Katon: Dai Enkai: Entei: Crates a huge comet. First seen in Chap.12
  • Katon: Sun Endan: First seen vs. Hana. He puts alot of flames up to the air and the flames fuse into a giant flameball. The ball shoots out an impact of fire. Seen Chap.16
  • Mera Hebi:
  • Mera Dama: Fiark makes a fireball around him, guarding him and burns down anything that touches it.
  • Mera Giri:

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