Welcome to the Fire Emblem Wiki administrated by Arch the Glory Knight! If we

have the potential to attract more than 20 members we can graduate and become a

full fledged Wikia Site!


Characters - Every Character, Playables, NPCs, bosses all go here!

Weapons - This is the catagory for weapons, everything from Al's Sword to Zanbato.

Items - This is a cataagory for everything from Afa's Drops to Vulneraries.

Spells - All spells from Aicalibur to Volcanone.

Games - This is a catagory for FE1, FE11 and everything in between! Post info about the games here!

Classes - This is a catagory for everything from Archer to Trainees.

Terms - Archtypes,

Mechanics - Gameplay mechanics can be read about here!

Factions - Groups, teams, legions, etc. All here!

Skills - Everything from Adept to Vantage in one place!

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