The fire engine Sam come to sodor.Everyone glad to see him and Sir topham Hatt give Thomas a work and Percy doesn't has work but Sir topham Hatt give him to take Luke to see around the Sodor.Percy go to the Blue mountain quarry and get Luke on flatboard.They chuff to the Sodor searching and redcue center and they saw The fire engine sam.Percy said hello to The fire engine Sam.They very like him  but Gordon saw The fire engine Sam and said Sam was difference more than Flynn and Belle because he very old.Percy and Luke chuff to Maithwaite and saw Flynn.Percy ask about rescue team and The fire engine Sam coming.Flynn very like him but Diesel saw The fire engine Sam he very laugh the old engine with the rescue team.Percy and Luke go to the Misty island and they saw Belle and The Misty island team on there with The fire engine Sam.Belle told him to fix and he going to be new.Toby saw The fire engine Sam and he very scare and Through Misty island had ghost.He chuff away from Misty island.Percy sent Luke back to the Blue mountain quarry and he go to the  Steamworks and talk with Thomas.Then The fire engine Sam was fixed and painted new red paint with rescue team logo and Belle chuff to the rescue orther.Percy   go to the Smelter's yard and the fire on there.The siren on the Sodor searching and rescue center louder but just only The fire engine Sam was there and Sam help Percy.When fire was soke The fire engine Sam no water left.Percy push him to fill the water and The fire engine Sam invited to rescue team

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