Fireman Sam: Around the World is a Warner Home Video DVD in 2010 with 22 episodes.


Pack up your backs and get ready for a Pontypandy adventure with Fireman Sam, Elvis, Penny, Station Officer Steele, Norman Price, Dilys, Mandy Flood, Helen, Mike Flood, Sarah, James, Charlie Jones, Tom, Trevor Evans, Browyn, and their friends as they go look for a Treasure map!


  1. Treasure Hunt
  2. Camping
  3. Sam's Day Off
  4. Baa Baa Baby
  5. Towering Inferno
  6. Hearts on Fire
  7. The Wishing Well
  8. Norman's Ark
  9. Hot Air
  10. Sam, the Great Inventor
  11. Deepwater
  12. Norman's Tricky Day
  13. Fiery Finale
  14. Norman's Pitfall
  15. Norman's Invisible Friend
  16. Firefighter of Tomorrow
  17. When Fools Rush In
  18. Dinosaur Hunt
  19. Dily's Big Surprise
  20. Carnvial of Junk
  21. Danger Falling Sheep
  22. Bug-Eyed Boy From Venus

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