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Welcome to the First-Ideals wiki! The real issues: rising US budget and trade deficits, the decline of US industries and jobs, the strength of the dollar, and a bill we are leaving for future generations to pay. Welcome! This is a place to discuss our national future, the management of our resources, and ways to protect our economic strength. We hope to be a voice for Generation X, to restore America's sense of common ideals, and to rebuild our economic resources.

We hope to create a more positive discussion process, using the ideas of deliberative democracy. We will discuss issues which truly affect our future and our communities, and ways to create better processes to address them.

This is a place to take a stand on our need to work together as a nation to face our real priorities, to restore America's first ideals, such as unity and common effort, and to work together as communities, to find real solutions.

This group was founded by former members of the Foundation for Individual Responsibility and Social Trust, (also known as FIRST). FIRST began in the 1990's, to be a voice for Generation X, to express their concerns about the future, the American economy, and the future of Social Security. We have become active again to deal with new issues in these areas, such as the budget deficit, and other economic priorities.

We will also address other issues which truly affect our future, which transcend partisan agendas, and which require community effort to solve.

This is a group for all Americans who care about these important issues, and who wish to find real solutions. It is also a place for Gen-X to take a stand on preserving our generation's future. We are also here as a resource for other relevant groups, such as the Concord Coalition.

Feel free to read our archives, to join the discussion, or to let us know about your community. Thanks.

For more information, visit our website:

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