The First Age

The First Age began in turmoil, right after the races had developed cultures. Orcs were undeveloped as of then, however, but they held a grudge against elves due to a shock to their culture in the ages before. Elven cultures were faster to develop, finding out new technologies and mastering, overall, magic. They took over the Northern Forests, their native lands, and began to war with Orcish forces.
The Southern Beaches during these times were populated with peacable Aquarious and humans, who had taken it to themselves to remain away from the combat. When the war finally spread to their area, they managed to protect themselves on boats, something that was a greater rarity in the central and northern segments of Limeria.
These boats spread, delivering species across the ocean and over the rest of the continent. Finally, after a small band of Aquarious decided to give their technology to the elven leaders, the orcs were pushed into an enormous cavern now known as "The Orc Stronghold."

Relationships tightened, and through the years escapee orcs managed to find their way, ingraining themselves into the newly established elven government. It was, for many years, a time of peace, although a grudge was still held among the orcs, setting the Central Deserts to be a dangerous place for wandering elves.

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