The First Battle of Thrusta was part of a Major Campaign by the UNSC to avenge the Battle of the DEMON System that had cost the UNSC the Trafalgar Super Carrier.

[u]The Forces of Earth and Harvest[/u] 14 UNSC Frigates 1 Halcyon 2 Omegas 2 Hyperions

[u]The Forces of the Coalition[/u] 5 Carriers 12 Assault Frigates 2 Battle Cruisers 5 Destroyers

[u]Helian Forces[/u] 3 carriers 6 battle ships 10 destroyers

The Initial Battle started when 14 UNSC Frigates exited from Warp using precise calculations in order to appear right under the massive Space Stations, and Shipyards of the Planet, laying waste to most of them. However, after the shock and awe was over, Helian Forces arrived on the scene and rallied what remained of the Coalition fleet around them and began the counter attack. After nearly 3 weeks of fighting, two more UNSC Frigates arrived with a Massive Command Station, and Defense Station in tow. From there, the Coalition and the UNSC negotiated a Peace Treaty.

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