• Lonnie: Oh no! Everybody's fighting the evil terrorists.
  • Luke Skywalker: Allen, you got to get Rockety Rocket back. [Allen controls to get Rockety Rocket, then, a magic of sparkle appears, Rockety Rocket now came back]
  • Rockety Rokcet: Huh? Oh, where am I?
  • Allen: Rockety Rocket, you're back. Youg to to win the battle.
  • Rockety Rocket: OK, [he jumps down to the post office roof, then looks to the left along with Droopy shooting with his AK4-7 gun to the anthoner terrorist, Wordies are mentioned when they're dying by terrorists, then looks to the right, B'rer Rabbit fighting with his stick to the terrorists' eyes, Koko the Clown jumps off the cliff]

Rockety Rocket: (files away to kill terrorists) MAKE WAY FOR ROCKETY ROCKET!!!! [then, he zooms]

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