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Mission to Scoros


Mission to Scoros

Mission to New York City

Naddist Crisis


Investigate smuggling activity


March 4th 2370


New York City, Earth


Connection between Mercenaries and Naddists discovered and suspicion of Orion Pirate involvement


Naddists and Orion Pirate cells

Earth Federation

  • Orion Pirate smugglers and mercenaries
  • 1 Naddist Sejin
  • Most smugglers and mercenaries
  • the Naddist



The First Mission to New York City was among the Delta Squads first missions. Their instructor figured it would nasty, so she went with them. The objective of the mission was to investigate smuggling activity in New York City to see whether there is any connection to the tkon cult, the Naddists.

While Syd was visiting a local cantina, the team hear laser fire and detain Halgon, an old friend of Syd and now a commander of the Hydran military force, on an important mission to guard a member of Hydran High Council on their way to a diplomatic conference. The Delta Squad defeat his pursuers, however, the mercs lock tractor beams on the two ships, preventing them from taking off. The team and Halgon decided to try and get to the administration tower and deactivate the tractor beams, but got separated due to an explosion.

While Halgon held the mercenaries back, the team fought their way into the tower and encountered a Sejin cultist who was easily defeated in a duel. The team deactivated the beams and met up with Halgon and eventually Stockman, who suspected that an alliance of several Orion Pirate cells were backing the Naddists. Stockman said she'd warn the president about the cult while Halgon warned the council.

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