Going Where No fish has gone before


Oscar as Lightning Mcqueen

Milo as Mater

Bea as Sally

Chief as Mack

Mr. Baldwin as Sheriff

Mouse as Luigi

Snake as Guido

Albert as Filmore

Mr Mussels as Sarge

Steve Jackson and Clamantha as Flo and Ramone

Snail as Red

Lunch lady Eelya as Lizzie

Ms. Lips and Dr. Frog as Minny and Van

Koi and Finberly as Mia and Tia

Webster as Finn McMissile

Pamela Hamster as Holley Shiftwell

Headphone Joe as Siddeley

Jocktopus as Professor Z

Pass as Grem

Punt as Acer

Razor V. Doom as Francesco Bernouili

Sunny as Rod "Torque Redline

Randy Pincherson as Miles Axelrod

Jumbo Shrimp and Ann Chovie as Jeff Gorvette and Lewis Hamilton

Hugh Edmonson as Tomber

Mr.Goldfishberg as Uncle Topolino

Mrs. Goldfishberg as Mama Topolino

Principal Stickler as The Queen (King?)

Fumble as Victor Hugo

Geckcoach as Vladmir Trunkov

Gecko as Alexander Hugo

Goth Squid as Ivan

Piranhica as J. Curby

Clamanda as Fred Pacer

Scabbo as Tubbs

Stephanie as Tony Trihull

Coach Salmons as Otis

Mr Shark as Crabby

Bo Gregory as John Lassetire

Jellyfish and Mr Nibbles as Brent Mustangburger and David Hobbscap

Dan Chovie as Darrell Cartrip

Cabbie as Stephenson

Clamantha's dad as Leland Turbo

Hugh Edmonson as Raoule CaRoule

Esmargot as Carla Veloso

Ninja Fish as Shu Todoroki

Kevin as Nigel Gearsly

James Sardine as Miguel Camino

Spiky Ninja as Daisu Tsashimi

Mr. Bird as Everett

Wolf Fish as Giuseppe Motorosi

Chicken as Prince Wheeliam

FinEx Delivery man as Zen Master

Brandon Bubbler as Mel Dorado

Mr Von . Doom as Mama Bernouilli

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