The Fisher-Price Summer Flick Catalog from 2011 is only at Target & includes toys coming out in Summer-Fall:

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This part includes all of the toys included in the catalog.

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The PlayLab:

This learned all about the PlayLab, a important part of Fisher-Price since 40 years ago. It included these recomended toys: Care Bears, Rock Star Mickey, Winnie the Pooh, Kung Fu Panda 2, & the most energaging Biscuit toys.

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This was included with Winnie the Pooh & Rock Star Mickey toys:

  • Rumbly Tummy Pooh ($29.99-37.99, June 2011) The all-new Rumbly Tummy Pooh is a very hungry bear & he needs your help finding more honey! As his belly gets louder & rumbles, he'll ask for more honey from the included honey pot. As you feed Pooh by placing the honey pot to his mouth, he'll thank you for your kindness & show you how satisfied he is! Pooh's nose & ears will wiggle with excitement, & if you feed him more honey, he'll sing his Rumbly Tummy song while he rocks back & forth. Now that's one, content silly old bear!
  • Pooh's Hunny Pot Stackers ($12.99, June 2011) As he stacks honey pots on his tummy, Pooh needs your help as he is stacking them. Try your best not to fail & get all the pots on his tummy. You'll love Pooh's ears, hands & feet!
  • Tigger Chase (only at Target for $39.99, June 2011) Play along with Tigger & chase him, too! In Freeze Dance, Tigger will play Tiggeriffic moves until you FREEZE! In Where's My Stripes?, Tigger will remind the player to find all the hoops & put them on his tail. In the Flag Game, follow Tigger with the orange & black flag until he runs away.
  • Pop 'n Go Train ($32.99, June 2011) Pop all your favorite Pooh friends! Pooh is also in his honey pot & pops up, also!
  • Eeyore Shape Sorter ($17.99, June 2011) Roll Eeyore around as you pick up shapes into him. You'll love Eeyore's mane, tail & ears!
  • Classic Edition ($21.99, June 2011) Press Pooh, Tigger & Eeyore & hear fun phrases & songs!
  • Rock Star Mickey ($54.99, September 2011) Turn up the volume as Rock Star Mickey comes out with Mickey-riffic songs like "You Really Got Me". Watch for his fantastic Mickety-Split! As Mickey works out, the more he dances! Press his foot or nose to see fantastic moves & make him B-Roll around the house. Also, as you're ready, Mickey will train you how to be a real rock star. Including fun moves, a roll & duckwalk with a foot, a Mickety-Split, & a bob with a nose, watch the original M to the I song with fantastic rock star remake! Let's go try out with Mickey's Gutiar now.

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DreamWorks' Kung Fu Panda 2:

This included toys from the new movie:

  • Kung Fu Po Wrestler ($29.99, Now) Twist, tumble & tackle! Po's ready for the wrestling ring. Violently smash, twist, dodge, & throw Po around to hear fun phrases.
  • Po's Rickshaw ($11.99, Now) Test out Po's racing, runaway rickshaw, just like in the movie! As Po zooms around the house, get ready. When Po bounces or runs into something, the fireworks will pop up.
  • Dragon Warrior Plush ($9.99, Now) You can collect all your Kung Fu Panda 2 friends. Po, Baby Po, Tigress & Monkey are the fist of fury!
  • Vs. Characters ($9.99, Now) Now you can fight with eminies like in the movie! Po, Tigress & Monkey sold seprately.
  • Fierce Fighting Figures ($17.99, Now) As Po & Tigress talk, they do Kung-tastic moves. Just press them, & make them fight!

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