The big station at both ends of the line each have a Live Steam turntable. The Boy Controller had them so that Spongebob's Dad, Stanley, Tom, and Squidward can be turn around. It is dangerous for Live Stean Tender Engines to go backward so fast. Songes like Sponebob don't need Live Steam turntable. They can drove just as well backwards as forwards. But if you are hear Tom talking a short while ago, you have thought that the Boy Controller have given him a Live Steam Blue Tender just to show how important he was. "You don't understand little Sponebob," said Tom, "we Toons have a position to keep up. Your Live Steam Blue Tank Engine dosen't have a Live Steam Tender and that makes a difference. It doesn't matter where you go, but We are Important, and for the Fish Doctor to make us shunt trucks, fetch coaches, and go on some of those dirty sidings it's---it's---well it's not the Propwe Thing." And Tom drove away in a dignified manner. Spongebob chuckled and drove off with Karen.Arrived at the Terminus, Tom waited till all the passengers had got out; then, groaning and grumbling, he shunted the coaches to another platform. "Disgraceful! Disgraceful!" he hissed as he drove backwards to the Live Steam turntable. The Live Steam turntable was in a windy place cloes to the sea. It was only just big enough for Tom's Live Steam Blue Tender Engine, and if it was not on it just right, it put it out of balance, and made a difficult to turn. His driver robot tried to make it stop in the right place; backwards and forwards they went, but Tom's Live Steam Blue Tender Engine wasn't trying. At last Tom's driver robot gave it up. The fireman robot tried to turn the handle, but Tom's Live Steam Blue Tender Engine's weight and the strong wind wind prevented it. The driver robot, some platelayers robots, and the fireman robot all tried together. "It's no good," they said at last, mopping their faces, "your Live Steam Blue Tender upsets the balance. If you choose Live Steam Blue Tank Engine, you'd be all right. Now you'll have to pull the next train backwards."

                                                TO BE CONTINUED

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