This page explains how fishing works in Akami.


Fishing requires one thing.

  • Fishing pole

Fishing Pole

As is the way with most tools, a fishing pole comes in three variations.

  • Regular
  • Durable
  • Aggressive


Regular fishing poles allow a nice balance between time and reel speed. They are the cheapest of the lot, but cannot advance as far as the better rods except through alternative methods.


Durable fishing poles can keep your fish hooked for much longer, but take a bit more time to reel it in. They can advance farther than the regular rods.


Aggressive fishing poles can reel in your fish very quickly, but you have to do it fast or the fish will get away.


Fishing can get you items for cooking that can be either used or sold.


Quality is a variable that affects multiple parts of a fish.

Variant Causes

Quality varies because of a few things.

  • Chance
  • Professing


Quality can change at a random chance. There is a 1/50 chance of reducing the quality by one, and a 1/100 chance of increasing the quality by one.


If you have selected fletching as one of your professions, it will increase the maximum quality from 40 to 50, and it increases the quality increase chance from 1/100 to 1/25.

Quality Effects

Quality's fluctuations, in fishing, affect two things.

  • Value
  • Skill gained


Quality can affect vendor- and player-price value, since certain quality levels allow better enhancements to be bestowed through enchanting.

Skill Gained

Quality affects the skill exp gained from catching the item, also. The skill exp. increase is on a 1:5 ratio. That is, 1 experience point per 5 quality.


Fishing goes great when paired with cooking because it can readily supply the base ingredients to multiple recipes.


The cons of fishing are that it takes lots of moving from source to source to get it mastered.

Benefits of Professing

Professing in this skill means a larger range of fishing locations.

Criteria of Suggesting a Crafting System

In order for your suggestion on how to fish in Akami to be considered, it must at LEAST meet this criteria.

  • It must be necessary for controlling the amount of speed you're reeling the line in at.
  • It must show a visual way to see the fish coming in (or going out).
  • It must show the fish you've caught when you've succeeded.

Other ways to make it likelier to be accepted include:

  • A humorous way to show failing.
  • A playable prototype.
  • Some version of scenery.

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