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  • The Brisby Family
    • The Hero/Team Mom: Mrs. Brisby
    • The Smart Lancer: Timmy Brisby
    • The Big Guy(s): Teresa and Martin Brisby
    • The Chick: Cynthia Brisby
    • The Sixth Rangers: Fievel, Tanya and Yasha
    • The Mentor/Team Dad: Jutsin (previously Jonathan Brisby)
    • Eleventh Hour Ranger: Princess Cholena (also The Heart)
  • The Furlings
    • The Leader: Abigail
    • The Big Lancer: Russell
    • The Smart Guy: Edgar
    • The Chick: Michelle
    • The Sixth Ranger: Willy
  • The Care Power Team
    • The Leader: Oopsy Bear
    • The Lancer: Cheer Bear
    • The Smart Guy: Grumpy Bear
    • The Big Heart: Funshine Bear
    • The Chick: Share Bear
    • The Sixth Ranger: Bedtime Bear
    • The Mentor: Tenderheart Bear
    • The Tagalong Kid: Wonderheart Bear
    • The Eleventh Hour Rangers: Amigo Bear, Good Luck Bear, Harmony Bear, True Heart Bear, Wish Bear

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