• Freddy as Marlin
  • Foxy as Nemo
  • Mangle as Dory
  • Toy Freddy as Gill
  • Balloon Boy as Bloat
  • Toy Chica as Peach
  • Toy Bonnie as Gurgle
  • Marionette as Bubbles
  • Chica as Deb
  • Bonnie as Jacques
  • Golden Freddy as Nigel
  • Springtrap as Crush
  • Plushtrap as Squirt
  • Nightmare as Bruce
  • Phantom Freddy and Phantom Foxy as Anchor and Chum
  • Cuphead and Mugman (from Cuphead) as Blenny the Worried Fish
  • The Purple Guy as Dentist
  • Phantom Chica as Darla
  • Circus Baby as Coral
  • Phantom Puppet and Phantom Mangle as Barracuda
  • Nightmare Animatronics as Anglerfish
  • Suits (from Five Nights at Treasure Island) as Seagulls
  • Sans and Papyrus (from Undertale) as The Whale

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