Freddy as Spongebob

Bonnie as Patrick

Chica as Sandy

Foxy as Mr. Krabs (both are pirates)

Version 2 (Made by Mcboy973)

  • Freddy as Spongebob
  • Bonnie as Patrick Star
  • Mike Schmidt as Squidward (Both grumpy)
  • Foxy as Mr Krabs (Both pirates)
  • Chica as Sandy
  • The Cupcake as Gary
  • Springtrap as Plankton (Both Bad Guys)
  • JJ as Mrs Puff (Both fat ladys)
  • Toy Chica as Pearl Krabs (Both sassy)
  • Baby (Fnaf world) as Karen (Both girl bad guys)
  • Freddy Paper Pal as Mermaid man
  • Bonnie Paper Pal as Barnicle boy
  • Purple guy as Flying Dutchman (Both killers)
  • Golden Freddy as King Neptune (Both Gods)
  • Ballora as Mindy

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