Version 1

  • Freddy as gordon
  • Golden Freddy as rusty (from the little engine that could)
  • Toy Bonnie as thomas (both small and blue)
  • Foxy as james
  • Toy Freddy as henry
  • Bonnie as edward
  • Marionette as Toby
  • Springtrap as Duck
  • Paperpals as Donald and Douglas
  • Toy springtrap as Oliver
  • Toy Chica as lady
  • Shadow Freddy as BoCo
  • Mike Schmitt as duncan
  • Jeremy fritzGerald as reneas
  • Fritz smith as Peter Sam
  • Fnaf 3 guard as Skarloey
  • PG as deisel 10

Version 2 (By ThomasandFriends7/ToyBonnieFan92)

  • Bonnie as Thomas
  • Toy Bonnie as Edward
  • Foxy as Henry
  • Freddy as Gordon
  • Golden Freddy as James
  • Bowser Jr (SML) as Percy
  • Toy Freddy as Toby
  • Mike Schimitt as Duck
  • Funtime Foxy (SL) as Donald (I know FT Foxy is a female)
  • Lolbit (SL and FW) as Douglas
  • Ennard (SL) as Oliver
  • Chica as Emily
  • Nightmare Fredbear as Diesel
  • Toy Chica as Molly
  • Mangle as Mavis
  • Ballora (SL) as Belle
  • Baby (SL) as Rosie
  • Fredbear as Eagle
  • Funtime Freddy (SL) as Stanley
  • Bon Bon (Bonnie Puppet from SL) as Stepney
  • Nightmare Freddy as Diesel 10
  • Nightmare Bonnie as Max
  • Nightmare Foxy as Monty
  • Nightmare Chica as Elizabeth
  • Balloon Boy as Skarloey
  • The Puppet as Rheneas
  • Springtrap as Duncan
  • Nightmare Balloon Boy as Smudger
  • Nightmare Mangle as Daisy
  • Plushtrap as Lorry 1
  • Yendo (SL) as Gold Thomas
  • Minireena (SL) as Silver Percy
  • Nightmarrione as Bronze Diesel
  • Nightmare (Animatronic) as Big City Engine
  • Bonnet (SL) as Caroline
  • Bidybab (SL) as Millie
  • Shadow Freddy as The Flying Scotsman
  • Phantom Freddy as Ghost Gordon
  • Phantom Bonnie (If he existed) as Ghost Thomas
  • Phantom Chica as Ghost Emily
  • Phantom Foxy as Ghost Henry

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