The five point resolution presented by Sanchez y Aragon on July 4, 2235 CE to a joint session of the Unity Council and the General Assembly. In his address The Five Pillars of Hope he called for a global constitutional convention whose objective was to construct the first planetary government. Sanchez presented a resolution to the Council and the Assembly that would govern the people of Earth until the Constitution could be ratified.

Five Pillars

  • The First Pillar, he proposed, was the replacement of the United Nations Charter with the United States of the Americas Constitution to be applied equally to all peoples.
  • The Second Pillar called for the collection and sequestration of all weapons of mass destruction to a secure arsenal on the Moon.
  • The Third Pillar proposed the abolition of violent warfare and made the use of violent warfare a criminal offence.
  • The Fourth Pillar enabled the reallocation of all defense expenditures to the construction of a geosynchronous tower and ring system, dedicated to Farouq ibn al Faisal, for the colonization of the planets and nearby solar systems.
  • The Fifth Pillar, called for the immediate development of a global space exploration program to be funded from the surpluses generated by the abolition national defense establishments.

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