Bastard Greyhawk Organization
The Flamebringers
Type Adventuring company
Founded 575 CY
Members Various
Leader None
Symbol None
Headquarters Verbobonc
Allies Almax
Enemies Lolth, the Slave Lords, Vecna

The Flamebringers were an adventuring party formed 575 CY in Greyhawk City by Carlon, Earthramus, Kayla, Nanolth, and Saldrom. The Flamebringers have not been active as a group since 581 CY, though many individual members continue to lead adventuring lifestyles.

The Flamebringers were named after a book in Michael Moorcock's Elric novel, The Bane of the Black Sword.


The Flamebringers nominally worked to preserve the Balance, though in practice they often advanced the agenda of Chaos. Persistent foes included Lolth, the Slave Lords, and Vecna.


The Flamebringers were brought together in Greyhawk in 575 by the mysterious archmage Almax, now believed to be the "blue wizard" Philidor. Their first mission involved destroying a band of duergar bandits lairing in a cairn in the Cairn Hills known as the Grey Cairn.

The Flamebringers are most noted for breaking the power of the Slave Lords of the Pomarj in 580 CY, and for ending Lolth's attempt to invade Oerth.

The Flamebringers' last known mission occured in 581 CY, when they thwarted an attempt by Vecna to increase his power.


The following list includes all who served among the Flamebringers, no matter how brief their time with the group.

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