Flavian Tairmark

Born in: West End in 16 BF
Raised in: Dimhold
Flavian enjoys being safe, and secure. He was pleased at his eldest son Tam’s decision to study at the Aidman Academy, as it would supposedly keep him out of harm’s way. While he worries greatly about Tam, and does not agree with his need to venture into the wilderness on his own, he has grown to accept it. Flavian loves his family deeply, and is a devoted husband and father. Lately he mostly leaves his son Brian to run the family business, while he works with the few horses the family has left.

Name: Mellys Tairmark

Tamavian Tam Tairmark born in 12 AF
Brian Tairmark born in 16 AF Handles day to day business
Raven (name) born in 20 AF Wife of local farmer
Suzere Tairmark born in 23 AF Apprenticed to Tairmark leatherworker
Joy Tairmark Age born in 25 AF Helps ‘MuleMaster’ with the animals
Thom Tairmark born in 26 AF Apprenticed to Tairmark blacksmith

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