Fleas Release Me is the eighth episode of Mr. Conductor and The Case of Archie's Weird Mysteries. It aired on November 20, 1999.


  • In this episode, The Riverdale Teens, Our Heroes, The Xiaolin Monks, The Hoop Kids, The Cardcaptor Girls, Mystery Inc, The Butterfly Family, Jeff, Taylor, The WarioWare Gang, The Duelists and The Mascaritas find out about werewolf rashes. They meet up with The Pussycat Crew and Brock begins to propose to Josie, saying that he'll never fear for her, but unfortunately, Misty drags him away from her. Daphne soon admits that Josie wears pink pantyhose. However, a full moon appears. Ash looks at it, and all of a sudden, courtesy of a cursed spell, he is turned into a werewolf. He rampages through the night and the others have to stop him, but they suddenly run into Petra Fina, Dino Fishman and Principal Mite and Yugi has an encounter with Petra. After sending the three packing, Ash is turned back to normal thanks to a broken spell Ashley made and Josie thanks the others.


From Shining Time Station

  1. Mr. Conductor 1 (George Carlin)
  2. Mr. Conductor 2 (Alec Baldwin)
  3. Mr. Conductor 3 (Michael Brandon)

From Archie's Weird Mysteries

  1. Archie Andrews (Andrew Rannells)
  2. Reggie Mantle (Paul Sosso)
  3. Betty Cooper (America Young)
  4. Veronica Lodge (Camille Schmidt)
  5. Jughead Jones (Chris Lundquist)

From Pokemon

  1. Ash Ketchum (Veronica Taylor)
  2. Mary (Kerry Williams)
  3. Misty (Rachael Lillis)
  4. Brock (Eric Stuart)

From Xiaolin Showdown

  1. Omi (Tara Strong)
  2. Kimiko Tohomiko (Grey DeLisle)
  3. Raimundo Pedrosa (Tom Kenny)
  4. Clay Bailey (Jeff Bennett)

From Hoop-a-Joop

  1. Al Valentine (Yuri Lowenthal)
  2. James Rogers (Michael Reisz)
  3. Amy Lambert (Michelle Ruff)
  4. Mel Blake (Stephanie Morgenstern)

From Cardcaptors

  1. Sakura Avalon (Carly McKillip)
  2. Meilin Rae (Nicole Oliver)
  3. Madison Taylor (Maggie Blue O'Hara)
  4. Rita Sasaki (Stevie Bloch)
  5. Chelsea Mihara (Jocelyne Loewen)
  6. Nikki Yanagisawa (Kelly Sheridan)

From What's New, Scooby-Doo?

  1. Scooby-Doo (Frank Welker)
  2. Fred Jones (Frank Welker)
  3. Daphne Blake (Grey DeLisle)
  4. Shaggy Rogers (Matthew Lillard)
  5. Velma Dinkley (Mindy Cohn)

From Star Versus The Forces of Evil

  1. Star Butterfly (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  2. Moon Butterfly (Dionne Quan)
  3. Queen Butterfly (Susan Roman)
  4. King Butterfly (Jeff Bennett)

From Jeff and Taylor

  1. Jeff Jefferson (Jim Cummings)
  2. Taylor Tanner (Tom Kenny)

From WarioWare

  1. Wario (Tony Sampson)
  2. Waluigi (Jim Cummings)
  3. Jimmy T. (Peter Kelamis)
  4. Jimmy P. (Peter Kelamis)
  5. Mona (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  6. Dribble (Tom Kenny)
  7. Spitz (Andrew Sabiston)
  8. Kat (Jocelyne Loewen)
  9. Ana (Jocelyne Loewen)
  10. 9-Volt (Candi Milo)
  11. 18-Volt (Matt Hill)
  12. Dr. Crygor (Maurice LaMarche)
  13. Mike The Karaoke Robot (Carlos Alazraqui)
  14. Penny Crygor (Kelly Sheridan)
  15. Orbulon (Frank Welker)
  16. Ashley (Nicole Oliver)
  17. Young Cricket (Danny Cooksey)
  18. Master Mantis (Rob Paulsen)

From Yu-Gi-Oh!

  1. Yami Yugi (Dan Green)
  2. Joey Wheeler (Wayne Grayson)
  3. Tristan Taylor (Sam Regal)
  4. Tea Gardner (Amy Birnbaum)
  5. Seto Kaiba (Eric Stuart)
  6. Mai Valentine (Megan Hollingshead)

From Mucha Lucha

  1. Rikochet (Carlos Alazraqui)
  2. Buena Girl (Kimberly Brooks)
  3. The Flea (Candi Milo)

From Josie and The Pussycats

  1. Josie McCoy (Janet Waldo)
  2. Valerie Brown (Barbara Pariot)
  3. Melody Valentine (Jackie Joseph)
  4. Alexander Cabot (Casey Kasem)
  5. Alan Mayberry (Jerry Dexter)
  6. Alexandra Cabot (Sherry Alberoni)

From Flint The Time Detective

  1. Petra Fina (Barbara Goodson)
  2. Dino Fishman (Lex Lang)
  3. Principal Mite (David Lodge)

Thomas Stories

  1. Trouble For Thomas
  2. Percy Takes The Plunge


  • This episode features a horrifying transformation.
  • The Pussycat Crew debut.
  • It is revealed that Reggie hates werewolves.
  • Chase Scene Song: Bump In The Night (from Allstars)
  • Daphne shares her pink pantyhose with Josie.


  • (The episode opens with the Archie's Weird Mysteries theme playing)
  • Chorus: What's that sound? Archie's Weird Mysteries What is going on in this town? Archie's Weird Mysteries Who is gonna crack the case? Archie's Weird Mysteries That redhead with the freckled face Archie's Weird Mysteries Things are getting weird in Riverdale Hey, what's that sound? Archie's Weird Mysteries What is going on in this town? Archie's Weird Mysteries Archie, Reggie Veronica, Betty Jughead, too (Weird) Archie's Weird Mysteries!
  • (The episode the finds Archie and the other Kids' WB characters at Pop Tate's)
  • Archie: It's a good thing we're relaxing.
  • Ash: Yeah.
  • Shaggy: Like, you know, it's been many times since we met.
  • Raimundo: We're celebrating great times.
  • Al: I bet that werewolves can cause major rampages.
  • Sakura: One way is for sure.
  • Kero: Mind their own business.
  • Penny: It's essential to all persons who do.
  • (Reggie appears, dressed in a werewolf suit)
  • Reggie: (roars like a werewolf)
  • Ash: Blast my head!
  • (Reggie takes off the werewolf mask and laughs)
  • Reggie: Nice scare, guys.
  • Star: That's not funny, Reggie, you scared Moon to death.
  • (Moon is crying like a little infant)
  • Reggie: Oh, i'm sorry.
  • Jeff: I bet it's not his fault.
  • Joey: Sheesh.
  • Flea: The Flea does not allow Reggie to scare me.
  • (The Conductors appear)
  • Mr. Conductor 3: You've been in a lot of trouble, Reggie Mantle.
  • Nikki: Hi, Mr. Conductors 1, 2 and 3.
  • Amy: Thank goodness you're here at long last.
  • Mr. Conductor 2: I knew that Reggie's behind all of this.
  • Velma: Jinkies, what could he do with werewolves?
  • Kimiko: Thomas hadn't been careless with werewolves, right?
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Oh no, but he had been careless with cars. Let me explain.
  • (Mr. Conductor 1 blows his whistle and Trouble For Thomas starts)
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Thomas the Tank Engine wouldn't stop being a nuisances. Night after night, he kept the other engines awake.
  • Thomas: I'm tired of pushing coaches. I wanna see the world.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: The other engines didn't take much notice, for Thomas was a little engine with a long tongue. But one night, Edward came to the shed. He was a kind little engine and felt sorry for Thomas.
  • Edward: I've got some freight cars to take home tomorrow. If you take them instead of me, i'll push coaches in the yard.
  • Thomas: Thank you.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Said Thomas.
  • Thomas: That would be nice.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Next morning, Edward and Thomas asked their drivers, and when they said "yes", Thomas ran off happily to find freight cars. Now the freight cars were silly and noisy. They talked a lot and don't attend to what they are doing. And i'm sorry to say they play tricks on an engine who is not used to them. Edward knew all about the freight cars. He warned Thomas to be careful but Thomas was too excited to listen. The shunter fastened the coupling and when the signal dropped, Thomas was ready. The conductor blew his whistle.
  • Thomas: Peep Peep.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Answered Thomas and started off. But the freight cars weren't ready.
  • Freight Cars: Oh! Oh!
  • Mr. Conductor 1: They screamed.
  • Freight Cars: Wait, Thomas, wait!
  • Mr. Conductor 1: But Thomas would't wait.
  • Thomas: Come on come on.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: He puffed.
  • Freight Cars: All right, don't fuss! All right, don't fuss!
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Grumbled the cars. Thomas began going faster and faster.
  • Thomas: Wheesh!
  • Mr. Conductor 1: He whistled, as he rush through Henry's tunnel.
  • Thomas: Hurry, hurry.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Called Thomas. He was feeling very proud of himself. But the cars grew crosser and crosser. At last Thomas slowed down as he came to Gordon's Hill.
  • Thomas' Driver: Steady, now, steady.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Warned the driver, as he reach the top. He began to put on the brakes.
  • Thomas: We're stopping, we're stopping!
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Called Thomas.
  • Freight Cars: No, no, no!
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Answered the cars bumping them to each other.
  • Freight Cars: Go on! Go on!
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Before the driver could stop them they had pushed Thomas down the hill and were rattling and laughing behind them. Poor Thomas tried hard to stop them from making him go too fast.
  • Thomas: Stop pushing, stop pushing!
  • Mr. Conductor 1: He hissed. But the cars took no notice.
  • Freight Cars: Go on! Go on!
  • Mr. Conductor 1: They giggled in their silly way.
  • Thomas: There's the station! Oh dear, what shall I do?
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Cried Thomas. They rattled straight through and swerved into the goods yard. Thomas shut his eyes.
  • Thomas: I must stop!
  • Mr. Conductor 1: When he opened his eyes, he saw he had stopped just in front of the buffers. There watching him was...Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: What are you doing here, Thomas
  • Mr. Conductor 1: He asked.
  • Thomas: I brought Edward's freight cars.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Thomas answered.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Why did you come so fast?
  • Thomas: I didn't mean to. I was pushed.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Said Thomas.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: You've got a lot to learn about freight cars, Thomas. After pushing them about here for a few weeks you'll know almost as much about them as Edward. Then you'll be a Really Useful Engine.
  • (Trouble For Thomas ends)
  • Mr. Conductor 1: So that's why you can't trust an engine like Thomas to pull cars.
  • Misty: How bad.
  • Togepi: Chuki.
  • Daphne: I guess you're leaving right?
  • The Conductors: Right.
  • (As The Conductors disappear, Betty, Veronica, Mel and The Pussycat Crew come by)
  • Veronica: You're here Archie-Kins.
  • Archie: Veronica?
  • Mel: My sweet Ashy Boy is here.
  • Ash: Whaa! Mel's here too!?
  • Brock: (with his eyes turned into hearts) My darling Josie!
  • Josie: What are you doing, Brock?
  • Brock: (proposing to Josie) I'll never fear for you, my princess. Marry me and we'll both have kids.
  • Josie: But...
  • Misty: (dragging Brock away by his ear) Enough! You're gonna lose your grip if you do.
  • Chelsea: Like i was saying, you wear pink tights, Josie.
  • Josie: I know.
  • Valerie: Werewolves come in all shapes and sizes.
  • Melody: (giggling) And they howl in the night, too.
  • Jughead: That's interesting of you.
  • Kaiba: People transform into werewolves when looking at the moon.
  • Betty: In a similar way to Saiyans when they turn into apes.
  • Mona: I bet that wolves live in cold weathers.
  • Archie: We've got a weird mystery in our hands.
  • Fred: That's right.
  • Ash: Then let's crack this case far and wide.
  • (That night, the gang are at the nearest part of the woods)
  • Ash: Man, this place is creepy here.
  • Mary: Oh, come on, big brother. Don't be such a coward.
  • Ash: I'm not a coward, little sister, i'm trying to feel the breeze.
  • Omi: When will this happen?
  • Clay: Ah can't know how wolves come alike.
  • Alexander: It's not what i'm talking about.
  • Shaggy: Like, what's wrong?
  • Alexander: I hate monsters.
  • Scooby: (gulps)
  • Ash: Who cares about monsters?
  • Alan: Take it easy, Ash.
  • Alexandra: My brother Alexander is not too good for monsters.
  • Rikochet: Look, guys.
  • Buena Girl: It's the full moon.
  • Ash: Wow, it must be as bright as ever.
  • Archie: That's great.
  • Ash: It must be a full moon, I've never seen that before and...
  • (He stops and looks at the moon)
  • (As he stares at it, drumbeats can be heard in the background)
  • (A cursed spell causes his eyes to turn red and his body to tremble)
  • Tea: What the!?
  • 9-Volt: What happened to you, Ash?
  • (But Ash's body continues to tremble more and more and all of a sudden...)
  • (Fangs begin to grow from his teeth and his transformation begins)
  • (As he does so, he transforms into a ferocious Werewolf and howls loudly)
  • Shaggy: Zoinks!
  • (The werewolf Ash rampages through trees by knocking them down)
  • Star: Ash has transformed.
  • Madison: This is insane.
  • (Both Kat and Ana shudder in fear)
  • (The werewolf Ash continues to rampage and then targets the others)
  • Meilin: What strategy are you going to use, Fred?
  • Fred: My strategy is... Run For It!
  • (The others dash off as the werewolf Ash follows after them while Bump In The Night plays)
  • Chorus: There's a chill in the air You hear a creak on the stairs You've got a knock on your door Is there anybody out? They're out to get you To capture you And make you Spellbound Howling and frowling You're shivering, quivering Spellbound You can not run, And you can not hide Yeah you gotta face it baby Things go bump in the night Where ever you run, And where ever you hide Yeah you gotta face it baby Things go bump, bump, bump in the night Tell me who's spooking who It's very Scooby Doo You hear a shriek in the house You know its freaking me out They're out to get you To capture you And make you Spellbound Howling and frowling You're shivering, quivering Spellbound You can not run, And you can not hide Yeah you gotta face it baby Things go bump in the night Where ever you run, And where ever you hide Yeah you gotta face it baby Things go bump, bump, bump in the night You can not run, And you can not hide Yeah you gotta face it baby Things go bump, bump, bump in the night You know where ever you run, And where ever you hide Yeah you gotta face it baby Things go bump, bump, bump in the night.
  • (Bump In The Night ends)
  • Fred: (as he and the rest are still running) We've got away from him and...
  • (He suddenly bumps into Petra and her cronies)
  • Petra: Hey! Watch where you're goin', ya lousy coward!
  • Fred: Who's a lousy coward, you lousy idiot!?
  • Yugi: (pushing Fred away) Aha! Petra Fina, I've been seeing you.
  • Petra: If it isn't Yugi Moto.
  • Dino: How nice of you.
  • Mite: You, Tooty The Elephant and Fox McCloud seem to battle us.
  • Yugi: What did you say!?
  • (The werewolf Ash returns and sends Petra, Dino and Mite flying)
  • Petra, Dino and Mite: (scream as they get shot into the sky)
  • (A ding is shown)
  • Daphne: Quick, Ashley, the moon!
  • Ashley: I'm on it.
  • (She starts to cast a spell)
  • Ashley: Pantalones Giganticus!
  • (She breaks the moon, and Ash is turned back to normal)
  • Ash: Where am i?
  • Mary: You're back to normal.
  • (The Conductors reappear)
  • Mr. Conductor 3: Thank goodness the spell is broken.
  • Rita: You're back, Conductors.
  • Star: I'd say it's my favor to celebrate.
  • Mr. Conductor 2: A good party.
  • Mona: See, Penny? We're preparing to celebrate.
  • Penny: Haven't you heard of Percy's broken spell?
  • Mr. Conductor 1: No really, but he fell into the deep sea while he wasn't looking. Let me explain.
  • (Mr. Conductor 1 blows his whistle and Percy Takes The Plunge starts)
  • Mr. Conductor 1: One day, Henry wanted a rest, but Percy was talking to some engines. He was telling them about the time he had brave bad weather to help Thomas.
  • Percy: It was raining hard. Water swirled under my boiler. I couldn't see where I was going, but I struggled on.
  • Bill: Oh, Percy, you are brave.
  • Percy: Well, it wasn't anything really. Water's nothing to an engine with determination.
  • Ben: Tell us more, Percy.
  • Henry: What are you engines doing here?
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Hissed Henry.
  • Henry: This shed is for Sir Topham Hatt's engines. Go away. Silly things.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Henry snorted.
  • Percy: They're not silly.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Percy had been enjoying himself.
  • Henry: They are silly and so are you. Water's nothing to an engine with determination. Huh.
  • Percy: Anyway.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Said cheeky Percy.
  • Percy: I'm not afraid of water, I like it.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: He ran off to the harbour singing.
  • Percy: Once an engine attached to a train, was afraid of a few drops of rain.
  • Henry: No one ever lets me forget the time i wouldn't come out of the tunnel in case the rain spoiled my paint.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Huffed Henry. Thomas was looking at the board on the key.
  • Thomas: Danger. We mustn't go passed it.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: He said.
  • Thomas: That's orders.
  • Percy: Why?
  • Thomas: Danger means falling down something.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Said Thomas.
  • Thomas: I went pass danger once, and fell down a mine.
  • Percy: I can't see a mine.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Said Percy. He didn't know that the foundations of the key had sunk. The rails now sloped down into the sea.
  • Percy: Stupid board.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Said Percy. He made a plan. One day, he whispered to the cars.
  • Percy: Will you give me a bump when we get to the key?
  • Mr. Conductor 1: The cars had never asked to bump an engine before. They giggled and chattered about it.
  • Percy: Driver doesn't know my plan.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Chuckled Percy.
  • Cars: On, on, on!
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Laughed the cars. Percy thought they were helping.
  • Percy: I'll pretend to stop at the station, but the cars will push me pass the board. Then I'll make them stop. I can do that wherever I like.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Every wise engine knows that you cannot trust freight cars.
  • Cars: Go on, go on!
  • Mr. Conductor 1: They yelled, and bumped Percy's driver and fireman off the footplate.
  • Percy: Ow!
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Said Percy, sliding pass the board. Percy was frantic.
  • Percy: That's enough!
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Percy was sunked.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: You are a very disobeident engine.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Percy knew that voice.
  • Percy: Please, sir, get me out, sir, I'm truly sorry, sir.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: No, Percy, we cannot do that till high tide. I hope it will teach you to take care of yourself.
  • Percy: Yes, sir.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: It was dark when they brought floating cranes to rescue Percy. He was too cold and stiff to move by himself. Next day, he was sent to the works on Henry's freight train.
  • Henry: Well, well, well!
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Chuckled Henry.
  • Henry: Did you like the water?
  • Percy: No.
  • Henry: I am surprised. You need more determination, Percy. Water's nothing to an engine with determination you know. Perhaps you will like it better next time.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Percy is quite determined that they'll won't be a next time.
  • (Percy Takes The Plunge ends)
  • Mr. Conductor 1: So that's why you can never let an engine like Percy get sunk.
  • Jeff: You're quite right.
  • Taylor: You'd be leaving right?
  • The Conductors: Right.
  • (The Conductors disappear)
  • Archie: Let's go back to Pop Tate's and celebrate Ashley's victory.
  • Others: Yeah.
  • (The next morning, back at Pop Tate's)
  • Ash: Thanks so much for turning me back to normal, you guys.
  • Kimiko: No problem. It's my duty to wear this Apprentice outfit since the first episode.
  • Sakura: You can count on Reggie.
  • Reggie: What me?
  • Archie: I believe you're right.
  • Reggie: Darn!
  • Shaggy: Like, that's one way to approve.
  • Reggie: That's what i'm talking about.
  • (Everyone laughs together)
  • Scooby: Scooby-Dooby-Doo!
  • (He winks as the episode concludes)
  • (The end credits then show still shots from today's episode)
  • (While they roll, the Archie's Weird Mysteries end theme plays)
  • (Following the credits, the It's A Laugh Productions logo, the Les Studios Tex logo and the Hanna Barbera All-Stars Action logo appear together)

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