name=Fleluron species=Arhan death=20 ABY gender=Male hair=Black eyes=Black homeworld=Taspir III era=New Republic era

Fleluron was a male Arhan and Dark Jedi who would later begin the Second Reborn faction.


Fleluron was bought up on Taspir III. From an early age he would idolise Hethrir, leader of the Empire Reborn, and aspired to be like him. His parents would both die when he was at an early age leaving him orphaned.

When he was 10 he fled Taspir, a stowaway on a ship. He would return 10 years (17 ABY) later a Dark Jedi. Upon arrival he learned of his hero's death. He announced the creation of the Second Reborn a month later, with tremendous support. Soon, former members of the Empire Reborn were pouring money to Fleluron.

With an army of Stormtroopers and Reborn Clones, he launched an attack on Yavin 4. The fighting was harsh, with the Jedi seriously outnumbered. Eventualy, the Jedi prevailed with Luke Skywalker decapitating Fleluron's apprentice Ven Or.

Now, after the defeat, Fleluron's allies began leaving him. With no money and only a small army Fleluron was weak.

Luke Skywalker gathered all the Jedi on Yavin and launched a raid on Taspir III. With less than 100 troops, Fleluron could not hope for victory. Fleluron attempted to escape on a 74-Z Speeder Bike, abandoning his own son. Luke Skywalker pursued Fleluron on another speeder bike, and it resulted in a lightsaber duel.

Fleluron, an adept speeder bike pilot, attacked Luke in all manners of combat, eventualy jumping onto the back of Lukes speeder. Both Jedi would jump of though, just as the speeder careered over a volcano. Fleluron and Luke dueled atop the rim of the active volcano but Luke would be the victor, slicing the dark jedi in half.

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