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Old English Poems: I'VE MOVED THE WIKI-- DON'T do anything here

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I've moved the WIKI: Do not add or edit any thing here.


You will then have to "request access"--make sure you include your name in the message so I know it's you.


Daniel- Marissa Willems

Christ and Satan Laura Johnson

Andreas (warning: very long)

Fates of the Apostles- Esmeralda Landeros

Dream of the Rood - Becky Adams

Elene (Shelby Putt)

Christ I

Christ II - Phil

Christ III -

Guthlac A - William

Guthlac B

The Phoenix - Dawn

Juliana - Matthew Ryan Willits

The Wanderer - Tara Miller

The Seafarer-Deanna

Widsith- Neal Quandt

Maxims I - Marvin Taylor

Soul and Body II - Elizabeth (Beth) Keller

Deor - Joshua Colley

Wulf and Eadwacer - Amanda Stine

The Wife's Lament - Theresa Bailey

The Husband's Message -Mandy Smith

The Ruin-Kyle Foster

Judith - Sharon Hawkins

Waldere - Jennifer H

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