This page explains how fletching works in Akami.


Fletching can be used to create bows and arrows using wood and feathers.


Fletching requires three things.

  • Wood
  • Feathers
  • Arrowheads


Wood can be obtained through woodcutting. You can only use ordinary wood, like oak or monka, to create arrows.


Feathers can be found by killing birds. Any feathers you find can be used, though once you've made an arrow of a certain type, it gets logged as your fletchings and must be used whenever you create that type of arrow.


Arrowheads can be made through blacksmithing or pulled off of other arrows. You can only use ordinary metal, like iron or steel, to create arrowheads.


Quality is a variable that affects multiple parts of an arrow or bow.

Variant Causes

Quality varies because of a few things.

  • Chance
  • Professing
  • Quality of Ingredients


Quality can change at a random chance. There is a 1/50 chance of reducing the quality by one, and a 1/100 chance of increasing the quality by one.


If you have selected fletching as one of your professions, it will increase the maximum quality from 40 to 50, and it increases the quality increase chance from 1/100 to 1/25.

Quality of Ingredients

The quality of the ingredients used in making the item is the basis for quality. The average quality used in the original construction is the original quality of the item.

Quality Effects

Quality's fluctuations, in fletching, affect three things.

  • Arrow accuracy
  • Value
  • Skill gained

Arrow Accuracy

An arrow's hit rate increases on a 1/3 ratio. That is, one point per three quality.


Quality can affect vendor- and player-price value, since certain quality levels allow better enhancements to be bestowed through enchanting.

Skill Gained

Quality affects the skill exp gained from creating the item, also. The skill exp. increase is on a 1:5 ratio. That is, 1 experience point per 5 quality.


Fletching is beneficial in that ranged fighters can produce their own weaponry.


The cons of fletching include the inability to increase the damage dealt or hit rate (with the exception of quality) through arrowheads, along with the limitations of the fletchings.

Benefits of Professing

Professing in this skill means you can reach up to skill level 300, allowing you to alter the type of material used to create the arrowheads.

Criteria of Suggesting a Crafting System

In order for your idea on how to fletch in Akami to be considered, it must at LEAST meet this criteria.

  • It must involve cutting strips of wood off accurately.
  • It must involve placing the fletchings on accurately.
  • It must involve placing the arrowhead on accurately.

Other ways to improve your chances of getting your idea to be accepted include.

  • A possibility of breaking the shaft.
  • A playable prototype.
  • A possibility of ruining the feathers.

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