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Flik Hears A Ladybug is a A Bug's Life/Horton Hears A Who parodie. It will made in February 2011.


  • Flik as Horton
  • and more

Quotes 1

  • Flik: I meant what I said, and I said what I meant.
  • Heimlich: [sighs] An ant's faithful one hundred percent.
  • Flik: That's my code, my motto.

Quotes 2

  • Heimich: Flik, the kangaroo has sent Thumper!
  • Flik: Thumper? Thumper, Thumper... I know two Thumpers. There's the bad Thumper... And then there's earthworm Thumper, the one that makes apples!
  • Heimlich: ...Yeah, Horton, she's sending you a earthworm with apples. I think it's safe to say it's the bad Thumper.
  • Flik: Yeah, good call.

Quotes 3

  • Flik: This entire anthill is a house of death!

Quotes 4

  • Francis: Listen, Flik, I've gotta go. Apparently there's a problem with a giant leaf.
  • Flik: You just take care of that leaf sir and leave the freaking out to me.

Quotes 5 (Final)

  • Francis: So Mr. Soil, what's uh, what's shakin'? What's happenin'? What's the word?

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