Flint is the father of Brock and the husband of Lola appearing in Showdown In Pewter City. He has black spiky hair and has his eyes closed. His main outfit is composed of: a yellow sleeveless shirt, green pants and white shoes. He is voiced by Ted Lewis in Season 1, Eric Stuart in Pokémon Chronicles and Rodger Parsons in Season 9. At his age, he is 39 years old.


  • Lola (Wife)
  • Brock, Forrest, Salvador, Tommy, Billy, and Timmy (Sons)
  • Yolanda, Cindy, Suzy and Tilly (Daughters)


  1. Feeling nice to Lola
  2. Running his work
  3. Being cooler


  1. Becoming a liar
  2. Ruining his job
  3. Busting out

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