• Narrator: One day, Flounder and Ariel go to the video store. Flounder saw a 1992 VHS of So Dear to My Heart, it happened.
  • Flounder: May I have it, please?
  • Ariel: No, Flounder, but it is a phony.
  • Ariel: You must die!
  • Narrator: And soon, Ariel, and Flounder went to the another store. Flounder saw a 1994 VHS of The Fox and the Hound, but we very crazy!
  • Flounder: Can I have it?
  • Ariel: No, Flounder.
  • Ariel: That's it! You will gonna get spanking when we get home, will be lost!
  • Flounder: NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOO!
  • Narrator: Ariel runs away but Flounder's tantrum will police officers arrived.
  • Ursula: Hey, what are you doing?!
  • Flounder: Stop! Couldn't you believe me yourself, right after this?!
  • Sebastian: What's the matter, Flounder?
  • Narrator: Later, Flounder and friends go to her dodgeball.
  • Prince Eric: Ready!
  • Scuttle: Go!
  • Flounder: Excitement... adventure... danger... lurking around every corn? What the?!
  • Prince Eric and Scuttle: DIE, FLOUNDER, DIE!
  • Flounder: No! No! No! No! (falls off the water) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Ariel!
  • Everyone: Yay! We defeated Flounder! YAY!
  • King Triton: What's wrong, Flounder?
  • Flounder: I just killed himself, I think I just kill myself!
  • King Triton: We didn't need to hear that, I supposed to 10 days.
  • Flounder: Oh, no! Not the 10 days!
  • King Triton: Yes, 10 days!
  • Flounder: Why me? How can you stay for?
  • King Triton: Forever. Goodbye.

Air Date

  • February 21, 2012

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