Flounder is a fish, who lives under

the sea, in Atlantica. He is a

funny little fish, with blue hair and stripes,

a roley poley backside, a roley poley

head, and a roley poley bottom. He is a

naughty little fish as well. He is always seen

pulling carts around, preparing for

the bigger sea creatures to go

on long adventures. And as

soon as carts arrive, he takes

them away, so the bigger sea creatures

can have a nap. Flounder thinks no one

is better than him. He likes to try

to fool them, especially Ray Ray,

the stingray. Flounder likes to sing at him. C'mon lazy

guy! Why don't you do some work? One day, when he had

finished pulling wagons, Ray Ray came back very

sleepy, when Flounder arrived in his usual, very naughty

way. C'mon lazy guy! Do something! Try to catch me!

And he swam off singing. Instead of going

back to sleep, Ray Ray thought of a way

he could pay Flounder back. One morning,

Flounder couldn't get up.

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