Flowey is a flower who appears in the indie RPG video game "Undertale". He is one of the main antagonists of the game, along with Asgore.


Like many characters in the game, Flowey's role can differ depending on the choices the player makes throughout the game.

In the Neutral Route, he takes the six human souls from Asgore after he was defeated by the protagonists. The player must fight Flowey in one last boss battle as a photoshopped monstrosity. After the fight, the player can decide whenever to spare Flowey or kill him. If the player spares Flowey continuously, he will be unable to understand friendship and flee. However, if he is killed, he will not show up again until the player restarts.

In the True Pacifist Route, Flowey aspires to achieve his real form, which required Frisk to befriend every single monster possible within the Underground. If Frisk succeeds in doing so, after completing a double date with Papyrus, Undyne and Alphys, Flowey tricks Papyrus into gathering all of Frisk's newfound friends to intervene the fight between Asgore and Frisk. Flowey will then absorb all of the monsters to become Asriel Dreemur.

Frisk must then confront Asriel through a difficult and long boss fight, not only having to free Sans, Papyrus, Asgore, Toriel, Undyne, and Alphys from his grasp, but also to convince him to have a change of heart. Eventually, Frisk befriended Asriel after staying determined through every attack launched from him. Asriel chose to stay behind, since he would be reverting to a flower anytime soon.

It is revealed that Asriel was once the son of Asgore and Toriel who befriended a fallen human very similar to Frisk. However, the human deliberately poisoned itself in hopes that Asriel could absorb it's SOUL to break through the barrier. However, Asriel aborted the scheme when the human was on it's deathbed.

However, Asriel, who had fused with the human's soul, was blamed for the human's death by the villagers, who then attacked Asriel, mortally wounding him. Once he returned back to the Underground and died, Asriel's dust had spread across the garden, merging his essence with the flowers.

Later on, Alphys' unsuccessful experiments have resurrected Asriel, but has now become a flower. He was unable to reconnect with his mother and father, and since he no longer has a monster SOUL, Asriel could no longer feel love, joy, or even compassion, thus, turning him into the deranged Flowey to set up the game's main events.

In the Genocide Route, Flowey teams up with the player character to kill every monster in the Underground. However, Flowey gets killed by the player character in the end, who then reveals itself to be Chara.


Flowey has received extremely positive reception by fans for his sympathetic backstory, along with being an amazing villain in a retro video game.

He is very popular for one of his quotes, including "In this world, it's kill or be killed!".

Fans even consider his true form, Asriel, adorable, while emotionally heart-wrenching due to his boss fight's climax and unfortunate backstory. Asriel is often paired up with Frisk/Chara by the fanbase.


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