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Thriftshopname is a non-profit thrift store designed to fund non-profit organizations and projects that typically have difficulty finding funding. See the short list of examples at the bottom of the page for examples of organizations and projects we would consider supporting, and let us know via email if there are any organizations/projects you think we should be supporting.

Beyond Financial Support
By selling items in our store at lower prices than other local thrift shops we plan to be affordable to all thereby opening our doors to a truly diverse set of folks. By making our space available to the community outside of business hours we plan to broaden the scope of our financial mission into the realm of education in the form of community meetings, movies, speakers, workshops, and other events that meet our criteria for equality, openness, and reciprocity. These events will give the members of our local communities more opportunities to network, learn about, and benefit from experiences other than their own.

Volunteer Support
Thriftshopname will be staffed primarily by volunteers from the Austin community. A paid coordinator and a core sponsor group will facilitate volunteer activities. If you would like to volunteer let us know how and when you can help and we will add your name to our volunteer email list. As a volunteer you will receive store discounts based on the amount of time you have to give.

We will gladly accept donations of books, clothing, dishware, furniture, tools, and other household items. We also ask you to support us financially through donations of any amount you can afford. Two special donor categories exist. For those who donate 30+ dollars we will give a 30% discount on all store merchandise for the first year. Those who donate 20+ dollars will receive a 20% discount on all store items for one year. We will continue to offer the 20+ dollar sponsorship incentive so that it can be renewed from year to year.

Short list of groups we will support
Action for Animals
AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power - Austin (ACT UP)
Anarchist Black Cross Network
Anti-Racist Action - Austin (ARA)
Austin Against War (AAW)
Austin Independent Media Cente
Austin People's Legal Collective (APLC)
Bikes Across Borders
Ecology Action
Inside Books Project
Monkeywrench Books
People Organized in Defense of Earth and her Resources (PODER)
The Rhizome Collective
Save Our Springs Alliance (S.O.S.)
Texas Public Interest Research Group (TexPIRG)
Students Against Cruelty to Animals - UT (SACA)
Youth Activists of Austin (YAA)
Youth Liberation Network (YLN)


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