Posted to on November 14, 1999


Location: The Wiggling Brother's Traveling Circus and Carnival.

Position: Mobile


Leaders: Pidge, Hawk, and Robin Grayson, also known as "The Flying Graysons"

Pidge is the smallest and youngest looking of the three. This is caused by a birth defect. He has stopped aging at a young age, thus he sounds and looks like a small child when, in fact, he is older than his siblings. On first impressions, his opponents beleive him to be unexperienced.... that is, until his Pidgeot wipes the floor with their Pokemon.

Hawk appears to be the second-oldest (actually the youngest). As much as he likes being an acrobat, he's not fond of the spandex uniforms. Not wanting people to think he's... you know... funny... he attempts to act big an tough. A very aggressive trainer, Hawk can't wait to get his Fearow's claws into your Pokemon's hide.

Robin is the token female of the three. People tend to think she's made of sugar and spice and everything nice, but they soon see what this girl is made of when her Scyther rips through her opponent's Pokemon.


Calling it a "gym" would actually be a misnomer. The gym is located under the big top and battles take place in each of the three rings at the same time as the main event. Matches are held once per show and must be scheduled in advance. Challengers may select their own entrance music.


The Tornado Badge. This badge is triangle-shaped and comes in three different colors, depending on how you won. The Blue Badge is for the shortest match of the show, a Red Badge is given for the least damage taken, and the Silver Badge is given for the most impressive finish.

Contact me if you think there any problems with this. I plan on using this unofficial gym sometime this week in Viridian City. See you there!

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