Flyman is a fictional CT Comics Superhero. He is usually considered one of the greatest non-powered superheroes in that universe. His secret identity; Timothy Ferlanco, is the head of the massive electronics company Titanium Industries. In this role he is a stern billionaire, and has donated to charities and funded scientific exploits many times. His parents died in the 1990’s, his father was on a boating trip when he was attacked by the Mafia and Force Rome, and his mother committed suicide out of heartbreak. He vowed to make the Mafia boss, Salvatore Giovanni pay.

Fictional character history


Timothy Ferlanco (b. 1983) was only ten when, in 1993, his wealthy archaeologist father was killed by the combined forces of the Mafia (led by Salvatore Giovanni) and Force Rome (unknown leader). His mother was distraught, and in heartbreak she committed suicide in front of her son. Tim, now an orphan, was taken to an orphanage.

At the orphanage, he was ridiculed because of his wealthy background, and bullied. He was taken away from this torture by Black-Belt, a master martial artist, who intended to train the young Tim. Black-Belt said that he saw a hero in Tim, one ‘burning brighter than the sun’. For ten years he trained, perfecting only karate, but being a generalist in judo, tai-kwando and others. Feeling that he was ready, Black-Belt enlisted the young Tim into the Mafia under the alias of Ronaldo Gravano. As Gravano, Tim was a soldier, and he trained and perfected his accuracy with an automatic. Feeling ready, he struck.

Flyman: Conflict

Fashioning a super-hero suit with his new butler, Wilson, he attacked the Mafia at the harbour. He failed, and reported this to Wilson. Wilson suggested a more logical costume than spandex, one with more protection, and easier to slip into. Tim asked what, and Wilson showed him a shirt, tie, jeans, boots and trench coat. He unbuttoned the shirt to reveal body armour, and showed him a customized helmet. ‘The helmet, as you can see sir, has night-vision goggles built into it and has an extra weapon. Pincers’.

Timothy Ferlanco then goes to the ‘Great Caesar Casino’ where a gang meeting is occurring. He single handed defeats the crime lords, who are set free by the corrupt policeman Inspector Mal. He hosts a party and invites all the wealthy and influential people to it, and invites high members of the police force. He then has Wilson (as Flyman) warn the people attending that they will all receive what they get, that those who only see freedom as ‘Emperors with new clothes’. They all leave, but Timothy Ferlanco asks Greg Venn, a friend of his, whether he wishes to go get a drink.

Tim decides to leave and excuses himself, but only to dress up as Flyman and win the trust of Venn. Gregorio says that he knows a policeman who can help them, he’s called Paul Ease. Flyman thanks Gregorio, and leaves to contact this ‘Paul Ease’. He finds Paul’s house and talks to him, asking him to assault Salvatore Giovanni with Venn. Paul agrees, and asks Flyman how he knows this. Flyman answers ‘don’t harm Ronaldo Gravano’.

Salvatore hires Inspector Mal to kill Flyman, but he suffers a humiliating defeat. Salvatore then orders his crime family to pack up and escort him towards his private yacht, which is set to leave, but he is intercepted by Flyman, Paul Ease and Greg Venn. A fight ensues, but the Mafia escape to their yacht, with no casualties. Paul then remembers something, which is that a new criminal is on the loose. He says that he has killed all an entire bank staff at midnight, one hour ago, and that he stole everything, down to the last penny. Flyman says he’ll look into it with Paul tomorrow. They leave on mutual terms, and get some well deserved sleep.

Flyman: The Killer Clown

The next morning, Flyman and Paul Ease go together to see the bank, and Flyman asks whether the forensic scientist got anything. Paul says that they found out something, that altered laughing gas killed everyone, and that it was administered through the ventilation system. Flyman asks if they can check for all shipments of laughing gas or thefts of gas barrels. Paul says he’ll look into it, and leaves. Flyman remains and spot something that no-one else did. He spies a smiley badge, half broken underneath a body, with one word-“Smith”. Flyman checks it for fingerprints, and runs scans on them. No known criminal has those fingerprints. He runs a search for Smith, and learns of one Jeremy Daniel Smith, who is in charge of a large oil pipeline, and he is located in Yuman City. He rings Paul and asks him to put someone onto protecting Jeremy Smith.

That day, on the news, a strange clown faced man declares that the man known as Jeremy Daniel Smith will die, all his valuables stolen, at midnight. He seems to attach a button to the camera and the camera is destroyed. Wilson suggests looking up names for other possible targets, and Tim agrees. He tells Wilson to watch out for any more warnings. Dressing up as Flyman at 10:00, he leaves for Smith’s.

At Smiths, knockout gas leaks out of the ventilation system, and knocks out the policemen. The clown arrives, wearing a gas mask, and holds a smiley button out. He attaches it to Smith’s suit, and leaves. By the time Flyman arrives, a charred skeleton is all that remains of Smith, with a new name behind the button-“Thaw”. Flyman does a new name search and comes up with John Thaw, a judge who prosecuted enemies of Smith, and was a good friend of his. Flyman tells Paul to put a guard on Thaw tonight. The Clown once more makes a target message, saying that His Honour, John Thaw, will die at midnight. Flyman is there all the time for this kill, but before midnight low level explosives blow Thaw’s house to ruins. The Clown once more walks in, and injects Thaw with liquid cyanide. When the police and Flyman come to, Thaw is dead and the Clown has escaped.

The Clown makes a special appearance on the news at One am, and relates that he has been killing those responsible for his condition. He also says that he will kill Timothy Ferlanco and Jack Wilson that night. Tim prepares for the worst, and tells the police to protect Jack Wilson. Tim is confronted by the Clown, who says ‘Mr Clown will take the largest slice of pie!’ and abruptly shoots Tim. Tim is wounded, and falls down. Laughing maniacally, Mr Clown walks out. Wilson helps his master up, and performs record breaking surgery. The news states that Jack Wilson was spared that night, he was a red herring. Tim puts on his Flyman suit and decides to go to the Clown Warehouse.

At the Clown warehouse, he meets Mr Clown. Mr Clown surrenders, but flames screech out of his hands. Flyman ducks, and engages in fisticuffs with Mr Clown. Mr Clown pulls out a knife, and starts to slash randomly at Flyman. Flyman puts his head out, and the knife snaps. Mr Clown draws out a gun that has three empty cartridges. He then fires the other half, all hitting the body armour underneath the suit. Flyman finally employs a weapon he pulls out a smoke grenade and flees for his life, just as flames screech past his head. Flyman smiles, the smoke catches alight, and Mr Clown screams in pain. Two hours later, Paul says that the flames have died down but Mr Clown has escaped. He says that Mr Clown’s plan failed, because Mr Clown was too public about his attacks. Mr Clown is also being looked out for and that a cell has been prepared in Torture Tower for him. Paul then shows Flyman Lucy, a master communications expert, who will alert Flyman if any more of these super-villains show up in Yuman City.

Flyman: Insanity of the Devil

Flyman is still trying to find Mr Clown after the events of The Killer Clown, and it is in doing this that he meets a red devil while investigating a basement underneath a new toy store. The devil looks like a human, but Flyman doesn’t know for sure, because by the time he gets closer, the demon breathes out fire and is gone when the flames disperse. Tim is left wondering how such a creature was possible when he sees a news item on Torture Tower, featuring Dr Morris Hardy. Hardy says that Dr Ensine is their leading psychiatrist, and that others include Dr Aegyptius Spine and Dr Nino Reeds.

Tim goes to Paul to discuss his recent life/death struggle with Mr Clown, and Paul says that Mr Clown will be found and brought to justice. Tim mentions he heard something about ‘devils’, and Paul says that he has heard of them too, and that they are still looking into how they could have originated. Paul also brings up the fact that Salvatore Giovanni has fled the country, but his grip on crime is still there. It will only be a matter of time before he returns.

Meanwhile, Devlir is having an appointment with insane criminal William M Gonzalez. Devlir asks Gonzalez to talk about his life, his religion and his hobbies. Gonzalez mentions that he is atheist, and Devlir asks why. Gonzalez replies ‘God is supposed to help people. What help have I ever had?’ to which Devlir replies ‘This’. Devlir presses a button that harnesses Gonzalez to his seat, and then Devlir pulls out a needle. Devlir proceeds to administering the drug, and the silhouette shows that Gonzalez has been transformed into a devil. Devlir then leaves the room, chuckling.

Tim then goes on a date with the beautiful Carla Romano. They go to the ‘Warlock Casino’, where Tim plays some card games against Harold Chesterfield. Chesterfield smirks most of the time, accompanied by beautiful women. Tim wins, with a little help from Carla, and goes off to collect his winnings. Chesterfield takes his female companions to the door, and shoos them onto their way. Chesterfield then proceeds to his office above the casino, and he meets Devlir Ensine. Devlir demands more funds, while Chesterfield denies them, stating that he should remember what happened when Giovanni went too active. Devlir acknowledges this, but insists for more funds. Chesterfield relents, and promises the money into a secret bank account.

Morris Hardy inspects into his patients reports and notes growing insanity in them, and reports this to Paul, who is still one of the few policemen that are not corrupt. Paul says to wait, that Flyman will find out, but that Paul will look into it. Inspector Mal, who was fired previously, comes back to take Flyman out. Just as Mal almost defeats Flyman, a mysterious beggar shoots Mal with deadly aim, but disappears before Flyman can take another look. When the bullet is later tested, no markings are found on it, making it impossible to find the gun. Hardy takes this opportunity to tell Flyman of the growing insanity, and asks if he could see the patients that are rumoured to be growing. Hardy says that he can’t, but that he has developed a file for Mr Clown, including Modus Operandi based on his previous attack. Paul says that while on the topic, Mr Clown seems to have fled the country. Although there is no proof of this, there is also no proof he is in the country.

Flyman goes on a nightly patrol, and bumps into another devil, this time trying to destroy a factory. Flyman uses some silver dust that he picked up from an earlier battle, and it turns the devil into William Gonzalez. Gonzalez begs Flyman to kill him, but Flyman states that he won’t, and takes Gonzalez back to Torture Tower. Once there, Devlir brings in the beggar, who abruptly kills Gonzalez. Devlir then burns the body, and throws it into the sewers.

Flyman learns that Gregorio is defending the business attacked by Gonzalez, and tries to find out who created the rampaging beast. Before leaving, he takes Carla on a date and proposes. Carla accepts, and Tim leaves. Flyman is captured by Devlir, who places Flyman into a padded cell. He takes off the helmet and discovers the secret identity of Flyman. Using this, he attacks Timothy with a bombardment of flies, planning on smothering Tim to death. Tim improvises and burns half the flies and melts his way out of the cell. He escapes back, and learns that Gregorio successfully defended his client. Flyman asks Paul to raid Torture Tower, the level that Devlir has his office on.

The raid begins on level one, being besieged by straightjacket wearing lunatics, before finally moving to level two. On level two the pair catches a lift up to level thirteen-Devlir’s level. On this floor are various people, including Rhyme, Carcharodon and Food-men. Devlir is hiding in his office, before escaping via an emergency shoot. Paul finds the evidence needed to incriminate Devlir, but the vials containing the insanity chemical do not have fingerprints on them at all. Devlir however is sheltering behind Magico, the new figurehead of crime in Yuman.

Flyman: Beware the Count

Flyman is called to the Police Headquarters by Paul and Lucy, and is told of a new threat: a vampire. Believing Carla to be in danger, Timothy asks her to be more cautious and she agrees and carries vampire warders around everywhere. Flyman however is bested for the first time ever by a new villain, the Cat Burglar. However, Clawsvaga starts to undermine Magico’s empire and the Mafia, but they both have enough roots in crime to maintain a strong grip on the underworld. Clawsvaga has enough room though to set up shop, and begins his hunt for blood.

This story is ongoing.


Flyman’s secret identity is one that is told only among those who would die for the Master Detective, such as Wilson and Paul Ease. One villain alone has uncovered the secret, Devlir Ensine, and it is said that Mr Clown linked Flyman to Timothy Ferlanco, but this can only be confirmed in a second appearance by the Laughing Maniac.

Timothy Ferlanco

Timothy Ferlanco is a wealthy electronics tycoon whose company also produces products in other areas. Timothy has stated Titanium Industries (his company) built the Scoleri River Bridge. He says that as a kid he read Batman comics, and as a young adult watched the two most recent Zorro films, both of which he has stated as inspirations for The Master Detective. He also says that Basil and Sherlock Holmes were great inspirations too. His fiancée Carla Romano is infatuated with both Timothy Ferlanco and Flyman, and so is Monica DiMarco. Tim is a carefree man at heart, who attends business functions, parties and operas with his fiancée Carla Romano, and occasionally with Monica DiMarco.

The Master Detective

Flyman is a Master Detective, who has mastered karate and is a fair judo master. He is able to switch between the two forms of martial arts effortlessly. His fiancée Carla Romano is infatuated with both Timothy Ferlanco and Flyman, and so is Monica DiMarco. Flyman is a great improviser, and is on good terms with head psychiatrist of the Hardy Asylum for the Mentally Challenged, Dr Morris Hardy. Around the underworld and some policemen, the Asylum is called ‘Torture Tower’. Flyman is a grand detective, being able to analyse data with a photographic memory, and has brilliant imaginative skills.

Ronaldo Gravano

Ronaldo Gravano is the third persona employed by Timothy Ferlanco. Ronaldo Gravano was given his own history, he was born in 1975, Sicily, and moved to Australia in 1980. He is a master shooter, and is a highly prized hit man for nearly any gang. He has been employed by Salvatore Giovanni, and Chesterfield mused over hiring him. Ronaldo has a quirk, which he loves to ‘light’ the top of a sturdy twig. Many feel that Ronaldo is unstable mentally, but his value in the underworld is high. Skills, resources and abilities

Timothy Ferlanco has developed different gadgets and vehicles based on the motif of swarms, pests and flies. Timothy is an actor good enough to confuse any but those that are highly alert. His disguises include the differentiation between all three of his main personas. He is also a fair martial artist. His mind is quick, and his photographic memory allows him to memorise maps and diagrams to a limited degree.


Flyman employs various weaponry and arsenal in his fight against crime, including a weak poison dart, Hira Shuriken, smoke grenades and his helmet. He has a gun that is loaded with bullets containing weak poisoned darts, which depending on the level of poison can knock someone out for hours at a time, or disable a limb. This weapon is utilised as a fly weapon, as flies are ‘carriers’ of diseases, so the darts are carriers of weak poisons. Hira Shuriken's are throwing stars, and these specially modified ones range from heavy knockout ones to ones that pin people against walls, to ones that can even slice through concrete. Flyman utilises these as a pest weapon, as they pest criminals. These are hidden inside the buckle of his belt. Smoke grenades are pest weapons, which explode on impact and release a highly flammable smoke. Flyman utilised these against Mr Clown, which led to his supposed demise, but like all comic-book deaths, no body was found. Smoke grenades are hidden inside compartments in Flyman’s sleeves and they roll down when he wiggles his arm in a certain way, knocking them out of their pockets. Flyman’s helmet is a unique piece of equipment, in that it has two smaller pieces inside of it. Night vision goggles allow him vision of the night, and the pincers on the front allow for an extra weapon. The pincers also jettison jolts of electricity.

Flyman also utilises a gadget equipped car, the Ferrari 360 Spider. It is a customised version of the 360, and its lights can move away to reveal net guns. The boot can reveal a secret compartment with a machine gun that can revolve 360 degrees, with a series of up to 80 bullet cartridges. The car also includes oil slick out the exhaust, a smoke screen option and it is also undetectable by radar or heat sensors. It is black. Flyman also utilises a private blimp that carries all the equipment from the Catacombs. He also has a customised racing yacht and an army plane that was kept by Titanium Industries due to a ‘mechanical fault’. All of these vehicles are called the Stealth (plane), Spider (Ferrari) and Nautilus (Yacht). Timothy Ferlanco has the Nautilus near the waterfront section of his mansion, the Spider in a high security garage, and the Stealth down in the Catacombs, that has a special tunnel through the cliffs towards the sea.


Flyman’s costume contains a multi-pocketed trench coat, jeans, a Kevlar body suit and the helmet. His shirt disguises the Kevlar, which is heavily concentrated around the chest region. His multi-pocketed costume hosts his various weapons, including his smoke escape bombs. His helmet has night vision enhancement, a targeting indicator, and razor sharp pincers. The helmet is also strong enough to break solid steel. In his first night out, Flyman wore a more Batman designed suit, but it was the wrong thing to wear in Yuman. Flyman then was given a more Zorro Sherlock Holmes style suit that included a bright white shirt, which in the pitch darkness of the night, would be a target that is more attractive and easy to find than the darker aspects of his costume.

The Alert

The Alert is a form of Morse code that is activated by Lucy, the only other police affiliate apart from Paul Ease that acknowledges Flyman’s help. The Alert is rumoured to be vandalised by a criminal in a possible ongoing series, ‘The Ghost’, but as yet no known details can be found. The Alert is tapped frequently, and it starts a siren in the Catacombs, where Wilson has his quarters close to. If Tim is at work, he uses a list of excuses to get out and changes in his black Ferrari, which is also the Spider.

The Catacombs

The Catacombs are the headquarters of Flyman. They lie far beneath the ground, and can only be accessed by old-fashioned elevator. Wilson has his quarters near to it. The Stealth is located here, along with Mr Clown’s buttons, A DNA sample of the ‘Devils’, and various Vampire defences. Flyman also keeps a rare fly species, the Ferlanco Fly, in here. It also has battle computers.

Yuman City

Yuman City was formed as an alternative to Sydney as the capital of Australia. It was soon overrun with crime, led subtly by Governor Scoleri, whose ancestors fled to America. Yuman is home to Flyman and his various adversaries. It is rumoured that the villain called ‘The Ghost’, a possible villain, will live underneath the city.

Other Media

Flyman and his characters appear in webcomics published on stripcreator. It has so far ammassed almost ninety issues.

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