There are no fnords. Remain calm. Your seatbelt should remain attached until the aircraft has come to a complete stop. Keep arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. Do not help others with air-masks before first securing your own. Pull the red toggle to freeze in the ocean, or jump for a few seconds' freedom.

Consume. Things just happen. Life isn't fair. Technology will solve everything. Everything can be solved. We are not the problem. They are the problem. Stop them by voting. Your vote matters. You are intelligent and well-informed. You make the right decisions. They make the wrong decisions. They are barely people. They must be stopped. We can stop them. Join the movement. Sign your name. Change will happen. There is someone in charge who is listening. Things don't just happen. Someone is watching. Someone will fix things. Someone is standing behind you.

Fnord will be the last word you ever hear. Do not be alarmed.

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