Follow that Lion is my spoof for my own Spoof movies.

Simba as Big Bird

Louie(We're Back a Dinosaur's Story) as Floyd

Ceclia (We're Back a Dinosaur Story) as Ruthie

Jafar and Hades as Sid and Sam Sleaze

Mr.Dodo(1951 Alice In Wonderland), Blu and Jewel, Abby Mallard(2005) as Dodos

Molly Weasley as Linda

Prince Eric as Luis

Eduora as Susan

Emily(Power Rangers Samurai) as Maria

Harry Potter as Gordon

Roger(101 Dalmatians) as Bob

Mama Odie as Olivia

Merlin(Disney Sword in Stone) as Willy

Tiana(Princess and The Frog) as Tanya

Squidward as Oscar The Grouch

Ash Ketchum as Ernie

Finn the Human as Bert

Peter Pan as Kermit the Frog (On back cover of the DVD)

Spongebob as Cookie Monster

Phineas Flynn as Grover

Ironhide as Super Grover

Marshall Lee as Count Van Count

Tantor as Mr. Snuffleupagus

Melman as Telly Monster

Esmeralda as Miss Finch

Kairi as Madame Chairbird

Background Characters

Lewis(Meet the Robinsons) as Elmo

Squilliam as Osvaldo el grunon

Squidvilla as Grundgetta

Squidward's Folks as Grouches

Bob the Builder as Bruno the Trashman

Pluto as Barkley

Mr Squarepants as Henry Monster

Maggie(Home on The Range) as Gladys

Tompson and Thompson as Two Headed Monster

Tintin(Adventures of Tintin) as Sherlock Hemlock

Clopin as Amazing Mumford

Doc(Snow White) as Biff

Mike Wawsoski as Sully

Maximus(Tangled) as Buster the Horse

Prospector Pete as Forgetfull Jones

Homer Simpson as Simon Soundman

Optimus Prime as Dr. Nobel Price

Iago as Poco Loco

Sulley(Monsters Inc) as Maurice Monster

Georgie(Monsters Inc) as Bruce Monster

Princess Bubblegum as Prarie Dawn

Quasimodo as Roosevelt Franklin

Cilan(Pokemon) as Ferlinghetti Donizetti

Skids(Revenge of the Fallen) as Homer Honker

Mudflap, Skips(Regular Show), Johnny Test as Honkers

Kaa the Snake as Slimey

Dipper Pines, Jayden, Mia, Mike, Kevin, Antonio, Ginny Weasley, Seamus, Wilbur Robinson as Anyhting Muppets

Board of Birds-Animated Bird Characters

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