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Folly Beach, SC. This is where I live. I go to sleep with the gentle sound of the Ocean crashing to the shore and wake up to the peaceful sound of not living in a big city. I am not saying that we don't have decreased ambiant noises, it just that we are fairly secluded from the everyday husle and bustle of big city living. It's been rumored, by myself, that this place is a minature never never land. A place where people come to escape from the monotony that most call life. Whoa, I am not compleatly running away from everything, were 15 minutes from historic Charleston, South Carolina. It's a major Port city, with big bridges, ships, an airforce base and people. We've got the best of both worlds.

I made this Wiki about Folly Beach, so lets have a little history lesson. Pirate's, Revolutionaries, Yankee's, Indain's & Shipwrecked Sailor's. The first shot's of the Civil War were fired by Cadet's from the Citidel on Morris Island. (Our nieghboring Island) Folly has been hit by a couple of Hurricanes, the worst was Hugo in 1989.

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