The Food Battle series are yearly episodes about Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox challenging each other and arguing about which food is superior in doing every day tasks. Every year, Anthony changes his food, but Ian does not. His favorite food is Pink Frosted Sprinkled Donuts, Egg Rolls, Fried Chicken Legs, Churros And Toaster Pastrys, and Anthony's are taquitos, rainbow lollipops, celery, candy canes, and red hot chili peppers

Food Battles 2006 - PresentEdit

An X denotes that the person lost the round, and a Complete designates a win.

Food Battle 2006 - ChallengesEdit

#[1] Challenge[2] Anthony[3] Ian[4]
1 Plunger X X
2 Socks X Complete
3 Telescope Complete X
4 Air bag X Complete
5 Cigarette Complete X
6 Ball point pen Complete X
7 Lipstick Complete Complete
8 Girlfriend/boyfriend Forfeit Complete
9 Pool Floaties X Complete

Winner: Ian Hecox, due to Anthony's drowning. [5]Smosh - Food Battle 2006Added by WikiaBot

Food Battle 2009 - ChallengesEdit

#[6] Challenge[7] Anthony[8] Ian[9]
1 Toothbrush X X
2 Shovel X X
3 Wig X X
4 Video game X X
5 Boomerang X X
6 Mind control device X X
7 Edible food X Complete

Winner: Ian Hecox, due to Ian poisoning Anthony [10]Food Battle 2009Added by WikiaBot

Food Battle 2007 - ChallengesEdit

#[11] Challenge[12] Anthony[13] Benny Jean[14]
1 Oven mitts X X
2 Squeegee Complete X
3 Knife X Complete
4 Pogo-stick Complete X
5 A weapon that could rob a defenseless person X Complete
6 Fishing for people Complete X
7 Steering wheel X not taken

Winner: Ian Hecox, due to Anthony's Crash. [15]Food Battle 2007Added by WikiaBot

Food Battle 2008 - ChallengesEdit

#[16] Challenge[17] Anthony[18] Food Battle reporter[19]
1 Sunglasses X X
2 Delicious Smoothie Complete Complete
3 Food Battle reporter's mom (suggested, but declined) not taken not taken
6 Explosive Complete X
5 Brown Cinnamon Churro Complete X
7 Weapon that can kill someone from 30 feet away not taken X

Winner: Anthony, due to Food Battle reporter's Churro stabbing him.

Food Battle 2008Added by WikiaBot

Food Battle 2010 - ChallengesEdit

#[20] Challenge[21] Anthony[22] Cyan[23]
1 Helmet X X
2 Bullet-proof vest Complete X


Nightstick Complete Complete
2 Shovel Complete


3 Cyan's mom (suggested, but declined) not taken not taken
3 Wig X Complete
4 Video game Complete Complete
4 Anti-Theft Device Complete


5 Boomerang Complete X
4 Poison ''X ''X
5 Sara Jessica Parker (suggested, but declined) not taken not taken
6 Flamethrower ''X Complete====Whoopie CushionEdit====Note: Anthony originally thought that Ian meant a cushion with Whoopi Goldberg's face on it.

Anthony: Anthony sets his chili pepper on a chair and sits on it. However, he ends up crushing it, causing the pepper's juices to stain Anthony's pants. Anthony yells in disgust, "chili poo!". Result: ✓

Ian: Ian sets his donut on a chair and sits on it. After about a second later, Ian farts. Result: X

7 Teleportation device Complete X
8 Contact lens not taken X

Winner: Anthony Padilla, due to Cyan being electrocuted with the hairdryer in the bucket of water with Ian. [24]Food Battle 2010Added by WikiaBot

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