Mission 6: Food for Thought

I apologize for any bad spelling/grammar/language etc. this was written by numerous people and may seem confusing.

Mission Script

All was normal on the bridge. They were passing by the system of an unknown M-Class planet and Travan was scanning it. He called Captain Rantonia over, "Sir, there was a strange fluxuation of the impulse drive a few seconds ago" he informed the Captain. Rantonia looked puzzled but thought nothing of it until the ship jerked and the power went out. The ship jerked again. "Sir!" Travan shouted over the racket "We've lost power! Emergency power is online." Rantonia looked at the Chief Science Officers conn, it had a big drop in a chart that travan had up. The ship jerked again and headed into the atmosphere of the nearby planet, officers were thrown al over the place when suddenly a big thud ended the noise. Rantonia ordered the landscape to be shown on the mainscreen but there was not enough power. "Ok", he ordered. "Me, Travan, Saren and Hansman will go out to explore the planet! The rest stay here and noone will leave this ship, that is an order! Darino you have the ship." The transporters were down so they exited through an exit in the hull. As the group walked on, Hansman tripped and fell, rolled into a small huddle of trees and a shout for help was heard as his voice faded away. The rest of the group ran into the trees and found themselves falling and they hit the soft floor. It was slightly light, but they were lost. Theyc had to find another way out as a tree had collapsed over the entrance above them, they trundled on to find there way out. A few hours later they found another huddlemof trees and some small purple berries. They had to decide what to do.

Back on the ship all attempts to communicate had failed and the biosignatures had disappeared. The crew were in disbelief.

"what did you say" Emily asked darino she had just arrived on the bridge "their biosignitures have dissapeared without a trace"

"travan how is that possible?" Darino asked "I don't know ma'am no siginture can completely mask its reading unless something is masking their reading" "like what?" " i don't know a random lifeform or something" Emily was about to ask something else when the ship jolted slightly "now what?" Darino asked "don't know but we appear to be loosing altitude" "thats impossible we are on a planets surface" "like it or not thats whats happening"

Darino turned to sullivan "what do you think?" " well given the current readings I would have to say that this planet is possibly a swamp and that the ship is being pulled into it" " and your suggestion?" " cut power to non-essential systems and cut life support to main engineering tell the engineers to get out first then hope" "hopee for what?" " that this swamp doesn't have anything living in it"

Hansman tried to se what happend but everything was dark. He couldn't se a thing. Only darkness. His leg and neck hurt. It felt like his leg was broken and his neck hurt like hell. He tried to move his legs and arms but he couldn't. He moved his eyes and found a lighted tree. The tree stood several yards abough him. He had fallen several yards down. His phaser and trycorder layed a few feets abough him.

He tried to yell for help but he coulnd make any sound. He listend but he didn't hear anything.

Captain Rantonia looked at Saren and Traven . "Where is Hansman?" He asked. No one knew. "Bertus" Andre yelled. "Bertus, where are you?"

Hansman tried to reply but couldn't make any sound. Every thing he did, hurt. Every move he tried to make hurt. If he didn't know better he'dd be sure that every though he had hurt too. How am I going to survive this? he thought.

The away team was laying on the ground in a dark forest and after a few moments they started to recover. Saren got up and cleaned his uniform. He looked around and found his phaser and tricoder on the ground. He noticed that their chief medical officer Cmdr. Hansman was missing. Captain Rantonia looked at Saren and Traven . "Where is Hansman?" He asked. No one knew. "Bertus" Andre yelled. "Bertus, where are you?" Saren used his tricoder and tryed to scan the area.After a few attempts he gave up and turned to his captain. "Captain,we can't scan anything, something is jamming the sensors. "Saren took a moment to think tapped a few buttons on his tricorder and spoke again. "We know our ship is low on power and they can't contact us,and also the transporters are offline so we are on our own. I've modified my tricorder to folow the jamming signal to its source. However i suggest we try to find Commander Hansman beacuse he might be seriously injured. I suggest we split up,one of us should search for the Commander and others should folow the jamming signal. It is highly posibble that there are lifeforms on this planet,most likely wild beasts and even inteligent beings so it could be dangerous to procced but we don't have much choice. *Saren paused a bit to take a breath* What should we do captain?

Hansman tried to move again but it didn't work. It was to dark to see and therefore he closed his eyes and tried to sleep so he opend them again. Suddenly, out of nothing he heard a bang and all went dark.

Bertus woke up and found himself in what seemed like a 21st century earth hospital. He looked at the monitors arount him. A ECG stood on a table and what looked like a primitive scalpel and other sergery materials. A man in a white coat came closer and injected him with a whie substance. After a few minutes everything went dark again.

Rantonia ran ahead of the other two, a twinge in his arm causing him to push harder, he reached a cliff. He looked down. On the ground below was a big building underwater! Andre called the other two over. They looked down as well. "Ready?" Andre asked. The others nodded, Andre dived into the water but performing breaststroke with a damaged arm was hard for him. Suddenly he felt a tagging at his leg, Travan was struggling. Andre pointed upwards and the three of them went up. When they reached the surface, they weren't wet, they were bone dry. Andre thought for a minute and ducked under, he attempted to breath and found that he could. He informed the others and they continued to the building, swimming in air.

When they reached the building they stood by a back entrance, it opened and a man in a white coat came out, Saren chopped him in the back of the neck and Andre picked the coat up and put it on, buttoning so people couldn't see Andres starfleet uniform, he broke into a store cupboard on the inside of the building just past the corridor and Travan put another white coat on while saren put a patient garment on and lay down on a bed. Travan and Andre pushed the bed to a room they opened the door and pretended to tend to Saren, they had no idea what this building was, it looked like a hospital. Up to this point they thought that noone was in the room, suddenly a groan came from the corner, there on another bed was Commander Hansman. "Bertus!" Andre whispered. The CMO opened his eyes and groaned again. "Bertus it's us!" Saren said. The Doctor snapped into his senses and sat up. "Captain!" Bertus said. Saren picked Bertus up and carried him to the door. "Let's get out of here!" Andre hissed. The grup ran out of the door and away from the building. They floated up to the surface of the strange substance and climbed up a rock bertus still being carried by Saren. When they reached the top of the rock they saw a forest and went into it. There they had to set up shelter for the night.

Hansman still lay where he layed an hour ago. His back still hurt but he could moves his arms a bit. It hurt but at least he could move them. He could reach his trycorder and grabed it. Opend it and used it to increase the range and the qualety of a comsignal. "Lets try it" he said and he was amazed that he could speak again. "Commander Bertus Hansman to any Starfleet Officer or Ship that can pick up this signal. Come in please. This is a distress call " He waited but no anser came so he tried again. "This is commander Bertus Hansman, Chief Medical Officer of the USS Firebreather to any Starfleet ship or Officer who picks up this signal. Please respond. This is an Distress Call."

"Bertus, This is Andre. Where are you?" the voice of the Captain came through his comunicator.

"I don't know sir. And I can't use my tricorder to navigate becasue i'm using it as a signal enhandser"

"a signal enhandser? Why didn't I comne up with that?"

"Maybe becasue you haven't had so much time to think as I did. Could you try and find me as soon as posible? i need to get back to the ship. I think I broke nt neck and both legs. I have fallen at least 10 yards"

"Keep this channel open. i'll use my trycorder to track you and i'll inform the rest"

As the signatures had disappeared, Karina had begun to fret. She was worrying about Andre so much she was getting paranoid. They had been gone for a day now. Darino comforted the Ops officer. "Karina" she said softly. "I'm afraid we may have to face the possibility that they are dead." at this bad attempt Karina burst into tears sobbing for ages. Darino took her to her quarters. "Sullivan you have the bridge" she ordered.

Darino left Karina alone in her quarters. She looked at photos of there wedding day and put her hand on the small bump in her belly. She wondered whether she would see Andre ever again. She lay down a cried again, wondering where he was in the cold damp planet that they were on. She slowly fell adsleep and dreamed about her husband.

{Firebreather bridge}

The comunications station started bleeping.

Com's officer: Sir, there is power at the comms systems. i'm recieving a message. I can;t read from who. udio only."

Darino: Let's here it.

"This is commander Bertus Hansman, Chief Medical Officer of the USS Firebreather to any Starfleet ship or Officer who picks up this signal. Please respond. This is an Distress Call"

Darino: open a emergency channel to the commander. secure it.

Co. Of: Yes sir. Channel open and secured.

Darino: Commander Hansman, This is Lieutenant commander Darino. What can we do for you.

Hansman: "Good to hear your voice sir. If you have transporters you could beacm me to sickbay and have to medical teams stand by to opperate on me but I gues you don't have enough power so what you could do is just wait untill you can ether send more men to find me and the rest of the team or leave the planet and go into orbit. If you can, I suggest you send out an disstress call too"

Darino: Well, Commander. I'll do that. But I can't spare any more men now. I'll send out that distress call.

Hansman: "okay, and can you patch me through with Ensign Thompsen from the medical team 1?"

Darino: As a matter of fact, he's on the bridge right now.

Hansman: "good. John. Listen. I want you to prepare sickbay for surgery. I think I have a broken neck and both of my legs are broke. I allso might have a gastric hamorrhage. If I do not be opperated on in less then two hours I might die"

Thompsen: Yes Sir. I will.

Hansman: "Well, That's all for now. Hansmans out"

Rantonia had chopped up some trees with a sharp piece of metal found on the floor and put a big leaf over them to create a makeshift tent. Hansman was getting cold. His lips were blue and he was white. Travan was trying to warm him up. It was getting light and they had not slept a wink. It was a cold planet so the crew were using leafs for blankets to keep them warm. But then came the time for breakfast. Travan brought some purple berries while Saren brought a type of nut and Rantonia picked up a banana shaped fruit. "I don't think we sdhould eat those purple berries, i think there poisonous." Saren said. "What about the nuts?" Travan asked. "I think they're safe" Saren repleid and put one in his mounth. "Yep they're fine" he said chewing like a maniac he was that hungry. Andre peeled the Banana type fruit but out popped a sort of animal that had been in hybernation. It looked like a tiny little kangaroo but it was white. Andre warmed it up, they weren't going to leave it. He would take it back to the ship as a pet. Then Saren and Travan picked hansman up on a makeshift stretcher and the team began to move off Andre leading.

All seemed to have tensed up on the bridge nothing was going the way anyone expected Darino was pacing up and down Stevens was sitting at his conn complaining about the lack of power to engines and Karina was still in her quarters "What do you think Emily?" Darino asked "are they alive?" "we know at least one of them is alive Hansman that is but my instinct tells me all four of them are still alive" "we need a plan" "well do you think we could make contact with them on their combadges again?" "possible" said stevens from his con "but we don't have the power"

Suddenly Darino walked over to the engineering console "we could increase power to the sensor array but we would only get a faint signal if we did pick them up"

"its better than nothing" "agreed engineering increase power to sensor array" "engineering here increasing power now"

a few moments later the ship rocked and Darino who was still standing at the engineering console thumped it hard "darn sensor array has just overloaded it won't work" "heck so out there we have four crewmembers one of which is the captain who only have their wits and intelligence to rely on" "yep" "pretty impossible situation" "yep" "what are we going to do?" stevens interrupted there was some indescision in Darinos voice when she said "sit tight and hope its no use us going outside to be lost in the smae way"

The 4 people made there way across a stretch of desert. They couldn't see the ship. They kept moving but the ship didn't come into sight.

Saren and Travan were still carying bertus on a makeshift stretcher. He was unconscious and Captain Rantonia was getting tired. Saren was the only one looking refreshed with his tremendous strength. A small flash appeared on the horizon. They headed towards it.

As they got closer the light got brighter, they wee confident it was light bouncing off the ship. They gained ever closer and wished that they were back in there quarters asleep. After not getting a minutes sleep last night and not eating for the past 40 hours they were whacked out. Suddenly Victor collapsed and Hansman was dropped on the floor.

The away team was slowly moving through the desert and Travan was carying Hansman.Saren and the Captain were in front of them talking.They noticed a bright light in the distance.Saren hoped that was their ship.They paced up eager to find out what the light was.Saren looked back and saw Travan struggling as he was getting tired.He went back to help him but before that happened Travan collapsed and dropped Hansman.Saren rushed to them and lifted Hansman off Travan.

Saren: He's unconscious Captain.

Rantonia: No wonder,he hasn't eaten all day.

Saren: We can't cary them both Captain,but Hansman is in critical condition,he has to get to sickbay.

Rantonia: I agree,you should continue on to the light with Hansman and i'll stay here and take care of Traven.

Saren: Ok Captain,i'll leave traces so you can follow us when you are ready.

Saren continued to the bright light while the Captain went to find food for Traven...

"I've got the hatch whats next?" Emily said into her combadge it was darino who responded "proceed down tube a until you come to the phaser battery then re modulate the phaser to fire on the frequency we determined earlier" "ok"

Emily continued down the tube darino had said thinking about the plan they had come up with an obvious one but an inspirational one it was simple fire one phaser into the air to give out a signal to the away team and due to lack of power emily had spent the last few minutes crawling through the jeffries tubes fixing hatches switches and power couplings back into position so they could do this so when she reached the phaser battery she eased the top off it and looked at the electronics she did the remodulation and set the timer until ready for firing at 2 minutes turning her back on the battery she ran towards the exit of the tube complex when she got out she hurried to the bridge just in time to see darino look across at the current tactical officer on duty. "fire" darino said

a shot streaked from the firebreather straight into the sky "I hope that gives them some guidance" Darino said to herself

Rantonia looked up as a jet of black smoke shot into hte sky. He smiled and shouted to Saren. "Lieutenant, LOOK!" saren looked into the sky and smiled. "COME ON!" He shouted back, "THis way!" Rantonia picked travan up and ran to Saren they ran up a dune and when they reached the top they looked down on the site that lay below them. A half sunken Prometheus class ship, they ran down to meet the ship, the only problem was there was a hole in the ground, the four crew fell down it and with a thud hit the bottom.

Saren poke first. "Cptain?" he asked. "I'm ok!" Rantonia replied. Saren moved his arm out and touched the captains arm. THey both looked up at the light. "Great!" Rantonia said his classic line for another time. They were stuck.

without the power to work the replicaters Emily had been taking the marines outside the ship to forage the immediate area for food the previous day they had set multiple traps for animals and with all the other marines searching the trees emily was left to inspect these traps alone

nets nothing,tripwires nothing, snares nothing now for the pitfalls she thought

she didn't expect to find anything she hardly expected any of them to be touched until she came to the last one and looked down it and she couldn't hold back a giggle.

"hey O'Reilly guess what we caught" she said "don't know?" "three humans and a romulan" "you serious?" "yeah tell the marines to pack up the food and prepare a harness to lift them out" "right Emily"

Emily turned back to the hole and spoke down to the four shellshocked people "Captain whats your status?" "Sullivan its good to hear your voice commander hansman is critically injured and won't last much longer, travan is unconscious I am tired and Saren is as fit as ever the mission hasn't phased him one bit" "right we have a harness ready which we will use to get you out first hansman then travan then you no arguments captain then Saren last" "ok sullivan get us out of here"

Emily placed herself in the harness and was lowered down the marines did this very quickly with help from Saren she attached Hansman to the harness then the marines very carefully pulled them up Hansman was placed on a jeep which left for the ship at top speed in an urgent rush to get him to sickbay. The same was true of Travan he to was rushed to sickbay.

Finally Emily went down and pulled out the captain and Saren one by one with no jeeps remaining they and the marines had to walk back on the way Emily explained the current situation "we're in grey mode we have limited power which is being concentrated on life support and the conns but its still not enough we don't have the power to work the replicaters so we've been foraging for food all we can find are poisonous berries and some fruit that looks like coconuts the ship is sinking into the swamp extremely fast now we will be under in about 5 hours and it will be at least 48 hours before the ships engines are fully operational" " right anything good to report?" rantonia asked " well apart from your return to the ship nothing" "right tell Tanya that i'll be in sickbay to see how Bertus is then i'll be with my wife I should be on the bridge in a couple of hours" "aye captain" said Emily as she left

The crew had reunited and evryone was happy. The ship though was

still stuck. Half sunk. Darino was sat in the command chair because Rantonia was still in his quarters.

In the crew lounge later Darino was having a drink with 2O Emily Sullivan, Travan was in command on the bridge. Suddenly he burst in and shouted to Darino. "What? Travan you are supposed to be on the birdge!" Darino screamed. "Yeah i know i left an ensign in charge," Emilys jaw dropped when he said that. "We juist need to fire a phaser into the swamp and we can take off! It's simplle!" he shouted "OK, try it, get Saren on it!" Darino ordered and Travan rushed out back to the bridge.

Darino returned to the bridge a few minutes later and saw that Saren was ready to fire. "Saren, on my mark." she paused. "Fire!" Darino shouted, the ship jolted and the helm officer put the ship into gear (OOC: lol!) and the Firebreather began to lift off the ground. They were away from the planet immediately. She patted Saren on the shoulder, "Well Done" she congratulated him. Captain Rantonia and Karina appeared on the bridge about half an hour later and the ship soared through space towards there next destination, wherever it was

The Firebreather was majestic flying through space like a dagger. Karina was 3 weeks pregnant and had developed a tiny bump. Andre sat in his command chair and just waited for something to happenl, nothing did so he went to his quarters with Karina.

He fell asleep in his chair in his quarters.


Andre was sat in his chair, he was in his quarters, he looked up and saw a child playing with it's mother. "Hey sleepy head!" the mother said. "Karina" Andre smiled. She picked the child up, "How are you feeling?" she asked "I'm...fine" he said relieved. "Come on" she said to the child, "time for bed." she put the child in a cot and sat down next to Andre. "So, what happened on the bridge today?" she asked, He looked at her, she was wearing civilian clothing. "Nothing much" he said automatically, he kissed her stood up and left the room to the bridge.

On the bridge he sat in the center chair and looked around him. Travan at Science, Lieutenant Commander?! Saren at Tactical, Commander?! Emily Sullivan by his side in the XOs chair. The only one with the same rank! Rantonia was fighting in his mind between reality and this 'future' that he somehow saw familiar. Suddenly he was jolted and he awoke from his slumber.

close quarter combat had never been the marines best ability but they easily stuck at it and were improving with every attempt they made but seeing as Emily was due on the bridge shortly she left and headed up there.

when she arrived she found the bridge deserted some said that it wasn't right her hand was reaching for her phaser when she sensed that someone was behind her she turned and found that she was about to kick the captain in the face. "you're not on duty sir what are you doing up here?" Emily asked "I couldn't sleep where is everyone?" "I was going to ask you that" "computer where are all the officers that should be on this shift?" "all officers working this shift apart from lt col sullivan are currently asleep in their quarters" Emily completely lost her temper "WELL GET THEM UP HERE!" she yelled at the cmputer

5 minutes later the shift crew appeared some still pulling on their uniforms "never be late again" rantonia said to each one before continuing "sullivan go get some sleep which I can't i'll take this shift "ok sir" Emily said as she left the bridge.

After a hard mission,Saren was exausted although he didn't want to show it to his crewmates.He managed to find his quarters somehow and as soon as he got in he rushed to his bed.He thought he'll fall asleep in an instant but that didn't happen.He was thinking about his new life on a federation ship. Everybody welcomed him very well and he did not see any wierd looks about his romulan origin or his past.It was even more comfortable working here than on a romulan ship.He was even promoted to full lieutenant already but that wasn't much of a surprise considering his past expirience.But there were also bitter emotions in his mind as the memory of his family was still fresh.He cursed that horrible day when he lost everything but there was nothing he could do except keep on moving.He couldn't fall asleep,he just layed on his bed for an hour or two.He remembered poor Cmdr.Hansman.He got hurt badly during their last mission.He got up and headed to sickbay. He found Cmdr.Hansman already on his feet,working. Saren:"Are you ok Cmdr.?"

Hansman:"I'm fine,thanks for asking lieutenant.How about you?,You sure need some rest after the last mission."

Saren:"I'm fine"

Hansman:"Don't make me order you...go have some sleep"*Hansman smiled*

Saren:"Falling asleep is not so easy for me as you think,specially the last few months."

Hansman:"Well,me and this crew will try our best to help you settle in."

Saren:"Thank you Commander"

As he thanked the CMO he started realizing he made the right decision joining this ship.

Emily had decided to pay a call on commander hansman who was

still in a critical condition but was conscious she had wanted to do this for some time but things had got in her way. she was speaking to the doctor "well will he make it?" she asked "yes he should but it'll be a couple of days before hes back to 100%" "I suppose so" " we're lucky he fell into one of the pitfalls" "no we're lucky that Saren can run cross-country very well and that he is extremely strong according to the report he carried commander hansman most of the way"

later on the bridge Emily was at the end of her shift when she decided that she would see why Darino hadn't shown up to relieve her she stood "Travan you have the bridge" she said "yes ma'am" "and don't leave an ensign in charge again" Travan burst out laughing Emily stopped out side Darinos quarters when the door wasn't answered she grew worried and overode the door code and forced it to open infront of her was commander darino in a very bad state one look round her quarters told emily all she needed to know she had been drinking the question why? formed inside her mind after reporting this to sickbay because darino looked very ill she headed back up to the bridge

End of Mission Notes

I recall getting extremely angry during this mission due to the extremely low posting amounts.

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