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What & Why

On Wed Mar 14, 2007 one of the moderators at raised concerns about the long term viability of the site. That discussion continues as of Fri June 8, 2007.

On Wed May 30, 2007 a sufficient number of participants in that conversation agreed that there is a problem and began speaking, privately, about this subject at forum site [1]. Not only to determine the causes for concern, but also to look at what steps we could take to alleviate those concerns.

This wiki is one product of those discussions.

Goal (aka Mission Statement)

To provide an English language based support forum and knowledge base focused on serving the needs of the users of the suite.

Alternative wording:

To provide an English language based website focused on serving the needs of end users of the Office Productivity suite.

Action Plan

  1. Setup of teams (up to 10 active contributors required)
    • teams of (approx./at least) 3 for: governance board (GB), team of admins (ToA), and team of mods (ToM)
  2. Teams work on different tasks in parallel... and present their proposals to all other teams
    • GB: draft a charter (sth. like ubuntuforums "Forum Council" and "Code of Conduct")
    • ToA: contemplate on technical solutions for a portal including wiki, forum, and file sharing functionality
    • ToM: draft code of conduct for mods and admins (cf. ubuntuforum "Leadership code of conduct")
  3. Decide on a nice name for the website (yep, that includes one of these "naming discussions" :) )
  4. Deployment
    • contact most active oooforums contributors and ask for their feedback and support
    • decide on the time plan of the actual move
    • inform many/all members of oooforum and invite them to move as well
  5. Move

(I put some of my ideas for next tasks under each point, please add yours! Madmaxx 20:24, 2 June 2007 (UTC))

This is my approach:

  1. Decide domain name/s and delegate a trustee to register
  2. Decide on hosting arrangements and negotiate them in the names of trustee/s
  3. Set up the bare bones of a gateway site with a forum inviting open and public discussion of directions and details
  4. Continue development of gateway site and independent forum site/s
  5. Appoint financial trustees and set up means for donations
  6. Invite contributions to content as vehicles are developed
  7. As the various facilities become available, make them known
  8. Prepare a charter for trustees to sign

Governance (GB)

  • What kind of community portal do we want to have? (aka vision-building)
  • What culture and governance?
  • How should top-level decision-making be organised?
  • How should the GB recruit (or get rid of) members?

Administration (ToA)

  • Define functionality requirements of new website (from the discussions, I think we want the following Madmaxx 20:59, 2 June 2007 (UTC))
    • forum: for face-to-face, direct help
    • wiki: for collaborative writing of (short) tutorials, HOWTOs, e.g. condensed excerpts from forum discussions
    • file gallery: for sharing templates, code snippets, etc.
    • Multiple contributor blog. Themes for blog entries and scheduled usage. Some mechanism would need to be in place to allow 'users' to have access. Perhaps the group could budget content from professional writers in the field on some scheduled basis also.
  • make a dump of existing phpBB and make it available on the new site in a read-only version. (If we stick to phpBB, fine. If not, we keep the valuable material anyway... and hopefully transform it into something useable again in the new portal.)
  • How should the ToA recruit (or get rid of) members?

Moderation (ToM)

  • How should the ToM recruit (or get rid of) members?
  • How should community-building of the new site be approached? (incl. how to attract oooforum users to join the new place)


An announcement is expected at the Conference commencing this Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

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